Thought Criminal Fling


Dear Thought Criminal with whom I had a brief fling,

I just wanted to thank you for a few things.

You see, at first you were just a girl on OKC. You weren’t a smokeshow – but you were cute enough in your pictures and calling yourself a European nationalist really caught my attention. I didn’t quite grasp the gravity of your views when we spoke and met – but I did eventually realize that you were a different breed than the norm in today’s world. You’re the only female thought criminal I’ve ever known. You had politically incorrect views, wanted to be a wife, and mother to white babies. You gave me a few new ideas and introduced me to a few more sources of information that I hadn’t previously considered. And you looked better in person than your pictures, at 5’0″.

When you broke it off without a word – I was actually pretty disappointed. I knew it had to end because it wouldn’t last due to circumstances, but I didn’t have the heart to say so.

When I texted you, a little over a year later, I was surprised that you’d reply back at all. I figured you had broke it off because you discovered I had a girlfriend or got tired of my non-committal ways. When you told me you were tired of disrespecting yourself, and found yourself the man you want to marry and have children with, I was…impressed…and thankful for the closure.

I’ve made a partial realization that if I’m to marry – my wife ought to be a thought criminal like myself, if not open to conversion by my own words. Secondly – you hammered home the importance of her wanting to be a wife and mother. Seeing the way you looked at me, and later a small glimpse at how you look at your future father of your children – I’ve got yet another better picture of how the future mother of my children should act and look.

Finally, thank you for those two separate days, on which your curves (and more) burned themselves into my memory.

I wish you and yours all the best,


5 thoughts on “Thought Criminal Fling

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  2. I wonder if women can ever be real thought criminals. Or if they can simply happen to suck up the wisdom from the right man. When girls support those kind of ideas, I always feel like they are only doing it to impress and submit.

    In other words, were you talking to that girl? Or do you have to wonder which guy somewhere in her social circle you were talkong to as a proxy?

    • She used to be an avid communist until a man she knew showed a side of things that led her to the beliefs she has today.

      So – to answer your question – it’s the man combined with her twist on whatever he said led her to believe.


      • Haha. That sounds like me before I met my dad. But after I was away from my dad a long time, I am coming to believe that even capitalism and other red pill ideas are not the absolute truth. I think there is always room for new ideas.

        My dad is too old for that, I guess. He just collected so much proof of ‘leftist idiocy’, that he just outright disregards anything they say. But, you know, even a mad person can have a good idea sometimes.

        But have that kind of confidence, tell it to a girl and she will just take it for granted.

        • I’d agree with you. I just think we have more of the truth than we started out with.

          True. A stopped clock is right twice a day.

          Indeed – if you believe it utterly when you say it – chances are she will too.


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