Random Thoughts: Biology is Not Racist

I recently saw this tweet:

Which was in response to ScarletLetter’s tweet below.

And I thought about it. People make arguments about how the races are biologically different and therefore more susceptible to different diseases, for example, how blacks tend to be more vulnerable to developing sickle cell anemia.  But surely there’s more to biological differences than just that…

Anonymous Conservative, with his theory of r/K selection posits that biological differences account for differences in political leanings, even within the same race.

What if genetics have a say on much more? Class? Low class? Upper class? Happiness or misery? Melancholy or whininess?

It makes sense to me that Christianity appeals to people, for the concept of redemption.

It also makes sense to me that biological realities are anathema to some people because they’re condemned with their lot in life. They just won’t change. And people will recognize that and give them that which they deserve.

In my mind, the idea of racial differences and biological differences is not what is truly scary to some people. It’s implications of such beyond what you first see. Cats that you can’t stuff back in the bag.


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    Truth is hard to accept for many. If science doesn’t go together with your dogma, most attack science. We know that from religious radicals from the right – but what is less known is that the lifties are as hostile towards science – all ideologists are. Denialism is a cultivated behaviour among the SJW, socialists and everybody on the radical left side.

  4. I am sure that biology and genetics has a big influence on these things. But I reckon it is really hard to make conclusive statements. For instance, if you observe that political affiliation runs within families, that could be due to genetics or due to inherited mindset and even mental illness – which can theoretically be cured.

  5. the problem with lumping together people in simple groups like “muslim” “christian” “black” or “white” is that human history has seen too much atrocities built around the righteous mob frenzied on taking down the common enemy.
    who is the real danger, the white muslim parisian that looks no different than your regular parisian or the brown bearded christian who looks just like the “enemy”. who will the mob get at?

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