Poem of the Week: A Colder Winter

depressing cold

“No good deed goes unpunished, the Devil tells the sinner,

Repent all you like, enjoy a much colder winter,


The New Year passes by, with barely a peep,

And now it hangs over me, like a dream,


Sometimes as I drive, I drift in and out of sleep,

The good that thawed in me, begins again,

To freeze.”



4 thoughts on “Poem of the Week: A Colder Winter

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  3. I like the briefness of this poem. Is each poem coming to you in a “mindflash” and you write it down all at once or do you work on them, line by line?

    • Each poem usually comes to me in a flash. If I work quick, I can get the whole thing down. If I wait, I have to struggle nearly line by line.

      In this case, I waited, but had several couplets in my head, without the links. Shouldn’t have waited, but that’s that.

      This poem’ll have one meaning when you first read it and another when you hear the back story.


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