Poem of the Week: Who Am I?

POTW  - Who am I

“I’m not Sam who likes green-eggs and ham,

I’m neither Garfield, Calvin, Dragonball-Z, nor He-man.

I’m not a Redskins or Chelsea fan,

I’m not any kind of sportsfan,


I am my blood, my genes, my race,

All those reflect in my face,

I’m my father, my brother, my mentors, three,

Their thoughts repeated near verbatim by me,


I am am pain, joy, bliss, and agony,

Man of clay, with all faculties,

Insanely sane, or maybe the opposite is true,

Know I myself, better than you?


Actually, what it is that I am,

Is quite plain to see,

For in the end,

I am who I chose to be.”


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