Zodiac (SBP)

Probably the biggest thing that’s helped me out with regards to improving with women and other endeavors is recognizing patterns. Helped me with unraveling the truth of history and helped me learn from my own.

I’ve never really had more than a passing fancy in astrology. Despite this, I can’t help but notice patterns. That I’m a Leo and the most important women in my life tend to be either Pisces or Sagittarius.

  1. First girlfriend in highschool? Pisces.
  2. Girl I messed around with after my first girlfriend and I broke up? Pisces.
  3. First serious girlfriend, from end of highschool to the end of my first year in college? Pisces.
  4. Second serious girlfriend? Sagittarius.
  5. Third serious girlfriend? Sagittarius.

Those are the ones whose birth dates I distinctly remember. I may have to do a little research later. It seems a preponderance of Zodiac Compatibility Charts one can google (besides various “readings”) seem to support my experience. Below’s a few easy to read ones that are pretty similar to all the others I’ve seen.

I can tell you right now now – the relationships with both women who were Sagittarius, were the best ones of my life.

Zodiac 2 (SBP) Zodiac 3 (SBP)


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      • Now the interesting question would be whether all those charts are consistent with each other.

        Yep, I’m hanging in, doing my meditations and shit. Tomorrow I will invite a friend for a super expensive steak after weeks of money saving bullshit food.

        How about you? I reckon you will soon be off to some operation, right?

        Best, Tom

        • I wouldn’t be surprised if they weren’t and wouldn’t be surprised if they were.

          What is consistent is my experience. Only reason why I’m even covering this.

          Glad to hear you’re well.

          I’m off to Ranger School soon.


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