A High-End Insight

I was reading Roissy earlier when his twitter feed linked me to a comment on his post about The Necessity of Relationship Game.

Commenter ‘happyhalloweendudes’ had this to say about Roissy’s post.

It’s quite a long comment, so I’d posit my thoughts on it before you read it. What you will read is the high end of game – for some – an end game- for others a level of prowess to be reached.

I would like to reach the level of game described within this post  with a little twist. I do not wish to simply be dominate over women. I wish to have this effect on man and woman. That is to say, I do not wish to simply be sexually dominant over women. That is not enough for me. I want people, not men, not women, people, from all walks of life, cultures, beliefs, and back grounds to be drawn to me. I want to be a force of personality the likes of which would live on in people’s minds long after my corporeal form has perished from this earth.

This article Heartiste is dead-on, I’ve astutely observed everything in it. Keep it up.

A little long, but thought I’d share, as Game continues to blow me away; the foundational insight is all you really need. My apologies for sp & grammar I’m not entirely aware right now, but the following is all true.

I’ve noticed something strange since understanding Game. In one night (a week and a half ago I think) I had 3 girls go out of their way to come to my room, get on my bed, or overtly hit on me, only for me to reject them, telling them to go back to their boyfriends and not be such slut’s. One walked outside to see me, sat next to me, said she had an urge to make out with me right then and there, [I hadn’t said a word, just silently stared at her like a stoic pondering how dumb this slut was in front of me]. Her friends looked at her and I, gave her this, get out of here, stay away from him, he’s dangerous sort of look. She said aloud, in response to their cues, “I’m gonna stay here with him,”.

I just smirked. I took a sip of whatever I was drinking. Said, I’m going back to my room, follow if you want.

She laid on the bed and was posturing to get me to pounce her. This was number 2 I was rejecting that night. She was probably a 7 or 8 by most guys standards, maybe even a 9 ’cause she was clearly from a different country.

Within minutes I could tell she knew she was putting herself in a compromising position. I hardly had to speak before she revealed too much info about how her boyfriend was literally a floor below us. I don’t condone cheating – though I can’t say I’m a saint -, plus I had another girl lined up, and I had just met the Nubian princess 5 minutes prior (literally – first time I saw her was when she walked up to say she had an urge to make out with me; found out later she’d seen me around & heard me banging girls above her in our complex). Anyway, I politely gave her, as well as the others advice – don’t be so easy, you’ll regret it when it matter’s later in life. They left like punished dogs with tails between their legs – who was I to reject them!? AND tell them what to do? They did as I said, however. Because I was unwavering in my attitude and conviction.

They’d thank me later. I waited for the fourth one, who I was actually attracted to, to come over and bang.

With her, as with all the rest recently, I speak as little as possible, and either command them or smirk at their ridiculous behaviors. It drives them wild. If I’m really attracted to them, I just move forward always, and have found that results in ne’er a rejection. Can’t be rejected if it’s not possible to be. That doesn’t mean I whip out my cock and rape women. If she says no to even a slight advance, I reframe and move forward, and she usually ends up making the move anyway.

My favorite line I’ve used as of late: “Why are you wearing your pants still? You’re a virgin, huh?”

That gets them every time. They have to prove something to me.

So with the fourth chick that came over that night, the only one I actually anticipated & told “Come over, door’s unlocked.”, this is what happened:

We fucked around, fucked, etc…until it got to the point where I was face-fucking her, like hardcore porn style. Throat juice all over the bed, gagging, I felt like I was in this French porno I saw once.

After a long bout of that, after I came in her gargling throat being held down by my hands gripping her hair guiding her and such, she got up, extremely confused. She walked to the door, then walked back to the bed, then got up again and sat down in a corner looking like she’d just seen war. Mascara or eyeliner or whatever leaking down her cheeks, hair disheveled, body contorted…

She started crying. She couldn’t believe what had just happened. She was perturbed by the hardcore nature of what we had done, and how far she went, or let herself go. It was really quite the 50 Shade’s of Holy Shit this bitch is under my spell moment. She was bawling covering herself in a dirty towel that had cum on it from previous bangs. She said something about how wrong it all was. And kept bawling louder. I laughed. I seriously, legit laughed at her. Told her, at least I came. She stopped crying. Looked at me. And started laughing. She crawled back in bed, we fell asleep, and fucked in the morning.

Before Game, I would’ve tried to make her feel better or tried to make her stop crying and she probably would’ve never come back again. She left me a gift bag with a type-written poem, lipstick kisses all over it and my name written in lipstick, and a present for me the next day. Meaning she went out of her way to make that, put it on my door, seemingly so others could see her doing it, and waited for me to find it. As well as leaving me a good morning note (as I went back to sleep after we banged in the morning).

She came over the next night with a bottle of wine for me.

This is what Game does for you. Or, for me, somehow, when I’m in the mode. Zone, whatever you want to call it.

One thing I can’t bring myself to do, however, is go out of my way to find women to sleep with. Like actively “Sarge”, it seems futile to me. I simply can’t “game” women that way. They have to pursue me.

If I meet some I like, I immediately pursue in subtle ways like simply establishing I don’t want to be her friend, number close, have them follow my lead with brief text interactions, and then dump them before it’s too late by simply cutting contact. I also always make sure they pay for my stuff, buy me things, give me rides, cook me meals, give me cigarettes, alcohol, weed, etc…They have to basically pay for me. This doesn’t mean I don’t genuinely like some of them. One of them I like a lot, however circumstance and timing is against me right now, and it seems I will simply have to bang her soon and let her find a “decent” guy after I’m done cause I think she’s too fragile and naiive tbh.

That’s my only qualm with Game and the modern woman. Is it works. And it makes me almost afraid to be in a real relationship again. And that means what past relationships I thought had meaning, I now see every nuance and detail in them that point toward me probably having been the idiot that these girls boyfriends have been in relation to me at this point in time. In other words, for every girl that’s cheated on her boyfriend with me, I’ve probably been cheated on twice as many times. I’d like to think it’s not true, or that it wasn’t as gnarly as the shit I’ve been up to as of late, or that I was the first to cheat in the ltr’s, but I’ll never know, because I seriously can’t believe a single word a woman between the age of 0 – 100 says anymore. The only thing I can be sure of is what I say, and what I mean. How others interpret it or take it is on them. That’s why I now believe a certain stoicism with women is, for guys like me, the best way to game them.

And I should add, I am extremely cautious about “consent”, and I don’t know how to explain, but all of you between the age of 18 & 30 should be aware of what that actually means to a girl – don’t be beta about shit & anything is consensual. And don’t go around telling anybody & everybody who you are sleeping with. Let the women do the talking. It should be obvious anyway who’s fucking who once you understand Game, or just women in general. There’s my confession for the month.

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