Enjoy the Silence – Or Not

A thing I have noticed upon reflection (and have seen in the manosphere) is that foreign girls don’t talk so much or feel a need to fill a silence with words.

I was hanging out with a Columbian Au Pair, eating lunch somewhere (she paid) and there were many moments where she was completely silent or content to just think or look around. It might have been the fact that she has only been in the U.S. for a month and doesn’t want to look bad with her English, but she seemed perfectly fine. I found myself wanting the fill the silences I usually long for in conversation with ‘native’ Americans.

I’ve noticed this in girls in England as well.

Has anybody else noticed this? American girls are not comfortable with silences and feel the need to chatter about anything and everything because they can’t enjoy the silence?

Food for thought.

Music for the soul.