Red Pill of the Week: Greeting

For the next week, I will focusing on giving the alpha version of the common greeting.

That is to say, when I greet someone, I will look them in the eye and tilt my head up, not down. I remember reading in Roissy that alpha males tilt their heads upwards when they greet (dominant) and that betas do the opposite.



The second thing I’ll be looking out for, is to observe who nods up and who nods down, and try to guess why. I’ve already had certain observations like how cleaning staff always nods down and some alpha bitches always nod up. I wonder if I’ll get different reactions if I nod first.

As always – I’ll get back to you next week on my observations.


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Social Dominance Observations

I’m currently in summer school. Recently, I volunteered my services as a helper for a “Governor’s Program” whereby high school seniors learn German in an intensive program on a university campus.

I am from a different university than this program, but it is right next door, and the teacher who runs it also happened to be the director of a study abroad trip to Germany I went on.

Aside from the benefit of maintaining, if not furthering my German, I get to know students from the university next door, which will facilitate partying next semester, and game any senior girl I fancy. I am mostly in this for the long-term and German; everything else is a bonus.

I am aware of the fact that compared to any of the guys in the program, I am more interesting due to my build, body language, travels, experiences, and language ability (I speak German better than everyone except the teachers and the native speakers, and a smattering of other languages). In theory, hypergamy would work in my favor in this case (as long as I don’t do anything stupid).

So far:

I went out last night to help out with “game night”. I met up with a friend I had made during another event and went to play pool. I told the guys who were playing that I had the next game and they complied. I played against the friend and lost, but immediately set up the next game as doubles and chose people at random. When I picked someone, I gave them no choice, they were going to play pool. And they did. Girls and guys were compliant with my orders. It helped that I played better pool than most of them.

One girl (not that attractive) came up to me and asked for a photo. Another girl (attractive) came up to me many times to try and communicate with me (her German still needs work). She would fail to remember a word and turn away. When I asked her a question about what happened her foot (she had a cast or something) she did a twirl as she came right back. It was cute actually, how she struggled with German to speak to me.

I saw a girl who was playing guitar and told her to come play by the pool table while I played pool. She resisted at first, saying that she couldn’t play very well, but I told her to come anyway and she did.

This is interesting to watch.


An Experiment

As I reflected on my post on slapping women, I remembered where I got the testicle fortitude to slap that girl from.

It was in eleventh grade. Towards the end of the year, nothing was happening for me but I noticed a girl who caught my interest. I knew at the time that I could not tell very well if a girl liked me or not, so I decided to experiment.

I decided to consciously touch this girl more and more each time I saw her, pick her up once or twice a week (sometimes in one day), and generally not apologize for any of it.

I bumped into her, moved her out my way instead of walking around her. I played pool with her and mocked her as I won every single time. If I bumped her too hard, I didn’t say sorry. When I picked her up, I spanked her ass while she beat her fists on my back, before I dropped her, laughing to the ground. I sent two texts for every three she sent me and only included two x’s for every three she sent me. She didn’t seem to mind any of it. She never said a word.

One day, as I was walking through the dorm hallway, she was bent over the pool table, taking a shot. I got a running start. Slapped that ass. Hard. A bit harder than I meant to, actually.

Instantly, she crumpled into a heap. She was in pain and I only said, “Wow, that must hurt.”

I didn’t say sorry.

She texted me saying, “I’m gonna get you back for that”

I texted back, “Ooh, I’m shaking in my undergarments”

The next day I saw her again and she told me that I left a red hand print. I still refused to say sorry. I only said, “I didn’t mean to spank you so hard. Next time I’ll do it softer.”

I continued to smack her ass in public and she never complained.

Then one day she invited me back to her house to smoke weed and watch a movie…

…and I didn’t smash it because at the time I was clueless still and didn’t realize what “weed and movies” meant. But I know now. For any young guys like me, weed plus movies means she wants to fuck.

I’ll never forgot how I got away with what I thought was being such a bad guy.


Lesson on Body Language and Fail #3

In 11th grade, my coach picked me to go along with my rugby team to play our mid-season games against BSP in Paris.

While the games were fun, I had more fun at night.

My host family’s son (we’ll call him George) took my teammate and I out to the James Hetsfield Bar where we met up with some of his friends and other teammates of mine.

Within about 5 minutes of sitting down and introducing myself to George’s friends, everyone had vacated the table except for myself, my roommate, and a petite girl from Ecuador (we’ll call her Playette)

I started with a simple “Hey” and conversation rolled. I don’t remember exactly what I was saying but three minutes into our conversation, she laughs at a joke I made and places her hand on my upper thigh for emphasis. I look at my roommate, he looks at me, and we both think “Game On!”.

I vaguely remember mentioning that I was studying German and her eyes widened as she exclaimed, “I love German! Teach me some German.”

I taught Playette three dirty words. I talked with her about how I loved to travel and where I have traveled so far. Hold up! She’s gotta make a quick phone call. I walk away to talk to somebody else. After about 10 minutes, I walk back to her. “Where did you go?” We talk some more and she accuses me of being a player. I don’t remember my reply, but I do remember me suggesting we go outside for some “fresh air”.

Next thing I know, I lead her outside, and start making out with her against a tree. In public.

Now hold it. This is the success part of the story. The next, is a fail.

Somehow I thought I needed to make her jealous, or seem not as important, like she interrupter our conversation earlier talking on the phone for a few minutes before I walked.

I said, “Time for me to check my phone for something important.” I checked my phone for a text I already knew was there, from my ex. I sighed and put it away. “Who was it?”, she asked me. “Just a text from my ex”, I replied.  “Do you still care about her?”

I paused and as soon as I did her demeanor changed. “Maybe you’re not over her yet.”

I was sure that  was, but for a minute I actually thought about it. I didn’t kiss her anymore afterwards. Game over, thanks for playing.

To my mind, there is more than one lesson here.

1. Overtly making a girl jealous (telling about other girls) does not work. It backfires.

2. I just met the girl and was making out with her. Anything outside of figuring how to isolate her should not have crossed my mind. There is a time and place for everything.

As for the body language, I could say that her body language was open, her legs crossed towards me, or she was staring at my lips it would not matter. I don’t remember reading any of that from her body language. The important part is that I recognized her touching my leg for what it was, an obvious indicator of interest, and acted upon it. And this was before I got into game and realized what I saw happen before my very eyes.


Body Language 1

Recently, I was reminiscing with a parent about the early days of my first month in my high school.

The beginning of my high school year was interesting. I went to an international boarding school that was a day school (the boarding part of the school program).

Having just got out of military school, I was socially awkward. But nobody seemed to notice.  I stood ramrod straight and walked everywhere like I was still an officer with authority, and people noticed. People came up to me asked where I was from what school I went to, and nobody was surprised I went to military school for middle school. I got the nick-name “Military Man” and with my performance on the rugby field nobody wanted to fight me. I was afraid of no one and never worried about getting into fights (I helped break up a few).When I talked to some school friends after a few years had passed they told me that I was scary in the first days and that I walked like a robot.

Even thought I knew I was socially awkward, I could never tell, in hindsight, why people reacted to me why they did. While I was smart and kept my mouth shut when people praised me or attributed outrageous killing ability to me, I didn’t understand why people responded so favorably, or deferentially, in my first month, let alone week.

Because I stood ramrod straight and walked everywhere like I was still an officer with authority, people noticed. Nobody was surprised that I told them I had gone to military school and the fact that I was afraid of no one permeated the air around me. When I talked to friends after a few years had passed they told me that I was scary.

Now I know why. It is because standing up straight is an Alpha Move. (Hat-Tip: Ian Ironwood).