The Deodorant Experiment

I’ve been running an experiment since tenth grade. I read somewhere (random news article/manosphere article?) on the internet that deodorant is a redundant ‘men’s health’ product that does not really make you smell that much better. In fact, the article argued, all one needs, to smell good, is to take a good old-fashioned shower. In theory deodorant only masked the smell of sweat, which wasn’t that bad anyway. The article also stated that it potentially blocked pheromones that women can smell and find pleasing. If memory serves, it was something along the lines of, each man has his own musky scent, which women will find naturally appealing.

So, halfway through tenth grade I stopped wearing deodorant. I was a little curious if what I had read was true and I was curious what would happen if I smelled as bad as deodorant advertisements warned I would without “protection”.

Since then, I have received almost zero complaints. In fact, I have gotten compliments. Once, in history class in tenth grade I sat next to an attractive Norwegian girl. She told me that I smelled nice and ask what cologne I was wearing.  Apparently I smelled like Abercrombie and Fitch. Another day I was sitting with a girl in my lap during a 5 minute break between math classes. She too, told me that I smelled like Abercrombie and Fitch.

I discussed with one of my lady friends and she’s never had a complaint about my smell before.

Ironically, the only time I’ve ever heard a complaint about my smell was from a guy, a friend of mine from school. I had been very busy over the past three days at the time and neglected to shower in that time.

My experience leads me to believe that deodorant is one more product I’ll never need to buy.

I am however curious about Baking Soda. [Redacted] advocates its use, so I may look into the matter some time in the future.