My First Time

So – I’ve had posts on failures, improvements, thoughts, ideas, warnings, and even book reviews.

But I have almost zero success stories up.

So here’s the story of my first one.

The time I got my first lay was several years ago, on senior trip, right after school had ended for me, but just a week before graduation. We flew to the city of Hersonissos, on the Island of Crete for 7 days.

I don’t remember much of the trip. I was in a constant state of drunkenness – sometimes I was just less drunk than others.  Jet skiing drunk is fun too.

Most of my core group of friends had vastly more experience than me  and they were winging me like champs. We went from one club to another. I got a make out in one. A make out in another. And another. Finally when I was dancing and making out with one girl, I told her I was going to teach her some new dance moves. I said good-bye to my friends (with fanfare) and the girl said good-bye to hers. She was a mixture of Dutch and Indonesian and hat big tits and a nice ass.

We must have gotten back to my room early, because I later heard that at a certain point in the night, the hotel staff was checking people to make sure they belonged in rooms (cock/twat blocking).

When we got in – we first went to the shower. Mostly just making out there. Then we got to the bed. I was lucky that the room was separated into two rooms containing two beds each. The girl said she was a virgin – so I made her suck my dick first. I even ate her out a bit. Didn’t taste too bad – but she didn’t groom well. I haven’t gone down on a girl since. She was not very skilled with the blow job and needed frequent breaks. I tried to fit inside her but she was too tight and I drank too much so my dick was off. Meanwhile, I didn’t lock my door or put a tie over the handle so I got walked in on about 5 times. I didn’t care that much because I knew that every would talk about me getting laid (I suspect that only a few guys managed to get laid with a girl from Crete or otherwise not from our highschool).

I saw her the next night as well  and experienced minor improvement – but a combination of booze and performance anxiety didn’t make it as enjoyable as I thought it would. I still enjoyed talking with and kissing the girl, but I found that I actually enjoyed the gossip and high fives more than the sex. I didn’t hang out with her during the day – I let her go the next day and she left that night or something. Which was a shame because I felt bonded to her. For three days I didn’t think of the girlfriend I had back at school. I even went to her hotel to search her out. Pragmatically, I could have got a proper bang in.

But that was that. I don’t even remember her name. I just remember that I enjoyed her company and that she was beautiful.