God I Hope So

God I Hope So

I hold a lot of beliefs or thoughts. I don’t believe every belief equally. Most of them I just hold in the back of my head and compare to what I see as I experience life. A lot of the time, I don’t even pursue satisfaction of my curiosity about them because I think it’s a waste of time.

I don’t like vaccines (1, 2, 3)

I think there is such a thing as sleeping with too many women.

In my heart of hearts, I want to get married and have four children.

I think it’s possible that the earth may be flat.

I believe in the theory of r/K selection.

My life’s dream is to buy an island off the coast of Brazil.

That’s to name a few. At this point in time, I don’t really express everything I believe except to my best friend and a maybe a mentor of mine. Anyone else I’d talk to would likely call me crazy in some shape or another. The thing is – the reason I don’t talk to them, more than the fact that the conversation would go likely nowhere, is that they’d never be prepared for my response to being called crazy or a tin-foil hat conspiracy theorist.

“God…I hope so.”


Government Shutdown My Ass

Unsurprisingly, the FBI and the IRS (and probably the CIA and NSA) are still in operation, despite the widely announced shut-down of the US Government.

Federal authorities have charged a man with running Silk Road, a popular online black market for drugs.

The authorities identified the man as Ross Ulbricht, who was arrested by F.B.I. agents Tuesday afternoon at a library in San Francisco. Court papers filed in the case in Manhattan accuse him of engaging in a “massive money-laundering” operation and of trying to arrange a murder-for-hire. Mr. Ulbricht is to appear in federal court on Wednesday in San Francisco.

Mr. Ulbricht solicited a Silk Road user “to execute a murder-for-hire of another Silk Road user, who was threatening to release the identities of thousands of users of the site,” according to a criminal complaint unsealed Wednesday morning. Authorities also seized the Silk Road Web site.

In interviews with news reporters in the past, Mr. Ulbricht has gone by the moniker Dread Pirate Roberts, the authorities said, and until now his identity has remained a mystery.

The Silk Road marketplace is available through Tor, a popular tool for maintaining anonymity online. Bitcoin, a virtual currency, is used for transactions. The identities of sellers are not known to the buyers. About $1.2 million in sales were conducted a month in early 2012, according to a study by an assistant professor at Carnegie Mellon University, Nicolas Christin.

I only wish that it would shut down completely.


(h/t to Matt Forney)

Why I Do Not Make Posts on Government

A lot of manosphere blogs discuss government and the various injustices purveyed by the ‘just-us’ system. Sometimes one might find an honest journalist who is doing his job.

While I am an avid reader on these issues, to keep myself informed, I do not blog about them. Reflecting on this fact, I wonder why I do not do this and I have found that I have a multitude of reasons to do so.

Despite my many strong opinions, I find myself not being able to fully articulate what I believe or why I believe it. Often when I comment about politics online I can have a reasonable discussion, mostly with red pill people, who know the whole story when I speak and liberally sprinkle the conversation with manosphere terms, themes, and tropes. When I speak in public, I immediately regret it. I feel like I cannot adequately explain myself because I must explain the whole story and convince my audience of things I hold self-evident to explain my point. Secondly, when I think about where I get most of my political data, I get it from blogs. While I do trust these blogs and the manosphere to be legitimate sources, the fact remains that I am still getting my information second hand soures and am not pouring over data or deciphering political editorials myself. Therefore, I do not consider myself credible enough to engage in serious political debate. For all the disgust I have of feminists and so-called “liberals” of today, engaging in circle-jerks, intellectual masturbation, and drinking each other’s political brand of koolaide or haterade, I pretty much do the same think. Yikes!

The second reason I do not speak on government issues, is that I believe that it does not benefit me much. That is to say, there are people like Bill Powell or Keoni Galt who have already been speaking the subject longer than I would have and do a better job than I would do anyway. Speaking on government, I imagine, would therefore not bring me a larger audience I think. Speaking on government will not improve my life. At least, I neither am in a position nor do I have the means to do much about the problem that is government. I can do what I can protect myself against government policy, but even that is mostly common sense and keeping my opinion to myself when it is prudent to do so. I am better qualified to speak on game, and even then I am not that qualified, yet. The point is, speaking about game and working on that actively improves my life whereas highlighting the faults of government consumes time. Lots and lots of time. The last thing I want to become, with my addictive personality, is a man consumed by speaking on government. I know myself. I could easily become the spooked shadow of his former self, searching for government conspiracy and see the Illuminati everywhere I look. This is not to bash on those people who do speak on government, or their views, this is simply knowing myself.

However, while we’re on the topic of government, does the Christopher Dorner episode remind anyone of the movie, Law Abiding Citizen?