“The Sun is shining, and everything’s dying…”

In less than four weeks, I’ll embark on training that will last at the very least, sixty-three days, if not several long months more. I’ll have zero ability to post or otherwise communicate with civilization or the outside world short of by letter or payphone at scheduled times. When I have 8 hour pass to rest and recuperate, I’ll likely not post at all, instead opting to shovel food, sleep, and resupply.

It suddenly occurs to me that I’ve got a huge backlog of posts that may never see the light of day for longer than they should. It also occurs to me that I’ll miss being able to record and post my thoughts when convenient.

So – in order to offset that, I’ll do my damndest to post at least twice a week, if not more. To hell with perfect posts – good enough will done, as it has done before.

As of right now, I’m pretty damn nervous. I’ve already had one wake up call and I think I’ll get another wake up call reminding me I’m not 100% ready for Ranger School. So much seems to hinge on this assignment and its successful completion. I’m worried I might not make it much further past RAPT week, embarrassing myself, and potentially missing my one shot at this opportunity.

All told, there’s probably one big thing in my favor. I never thought I’d finish a 12 mile ruck in under 3 hours and I ended up doing it twice. Both times, people doubted me. Hell, I even doubted myself. Now, here I sit, butter bar and blue cord. I suspect I’m stronger than I give myself credit for. Or at least, my heart is a size bigger than it should be given my size. Ultimately, when it comes down to it, I want in my heart of hearts to earn that tab. Ultimately, my body’d break down long before my heart ever did.