Kiss Me I’m Irish

A curious thing about my tenth grade is that when I had a girlfriend and a girl on the side, I didn’t act to make either happen. They just did. At the time I had not yet discovered game. I did, however, witness its effects which would provide crucial experience for me to accept game theory even though I was unable to recognize it in front of my very own eyes.

For my girlfriend (we’ll call her Irish) in 10th grade, it started in January. She came into my gym class. I was tease her and laugh whenever she fell during tennis/dodge ball or mess up. I was friends with her friends and flirted with them a lot (though at the time I would not call it flirting). I had flirted with the Latvian until it burnt out (I blew it up due to inexperience in flirting). When it did, she called me her brother or something. I took it in stride, dominated the frame as her “older brother” and started flirting with her other friend (we’ll call her Midget), who was short, had curly hair, and had big tits.

I don’t know how it started exactly, but Irish started hanging with Latvia, Midget, and I. At first it was just in gym class. Then it was hanging out in the hallways during the 5 minute break in between sections of physics class. I remember she started to hug me good-bye. I remember that right before a ski trip (Switzerland) in February, she hugged me goodbye and clasped my hands before I left to my dorm.

Before coming back I noticed a message in my Facebook inbox. It read, “I need to talk to you when you get. It is about us.” She sent me that message right before Valentine’s day so I had a good idea of what our ‘talk’ was going to be about. We talked on Facebook and she told me that she liked me. I told her that I didn’t feel the same way, but that I was willing to go with her to the dance ‘as friends’.

When I got to Irish’s friend’s house to pick them up before the dance, I could hear whoops of delight as I rang the door bell. The Latvian, her date, and the Midget greeted me at the door. We took a couple of pictures and off we went.

When we got to the dance floor I didn’t dance with Irish right away. I would dance around her, dance my way across the dance floor with an amused look on my face, dance with another girl I was friends with (who I later realized wanted me at the time), dance right up to Irish and dance right back away. I was having a good ol’ time and didn’t care what else happened so long as I had my fun.

I remember dancing the friend a second time grinding with her and feeling eyes on me. Sure enough, as soon as our dance ended Irish snatched me away and started grinding on me to Akon’s ‘Bad Girl’ song. We grinded. We danced slow. We grinded. We danced slow. In the middle of one of the slow songs Irish kissed me. We made out for a while, danced more, and then made out until the end of the dance.

At the end of the dance she asked me, “So what does this mean?”

“We’ll figure it out tomorrow.”

There’s a lesson in here somewhere. Oh yes. If a girl wants you, she’ll find a way.

That is what this experience taught me.