100 Words of Hate: Just Google It

I remember Ace from 80 Proof Oinomancy once penned a 100 words of hate series.

And while reading PDGumshoe‘s blog, and wondering if the word indigent and indignant were related, I had a spark of inspiration.


To the people who say “Just Google It”:

You claim that I am too lazy to google the answer myself, but your own reply belies your hypocritical, slothful nature. You assume I haven’t already googled the question with unsatisfactory results. I assume you just don’t know the answer and are wasting my goddamn time more than google. Even if I haven’t Googled it – there’s a reason why I asked you – because you know in some shape or fashion and can see where I’m coming from and therefore find the exact kind of answer I’m looking for, instead of one that’s similar. Eat a dick and choke.