Addendum: Proper Networking

I was reading Matt the Unlucky Devil’s post the other week and thought I could add a thing or two to his points.

I commented:

Example for Post

I thought I’d just elaborate on that further. I started blogging so I could talk to other bloggers and meet up with them if logistics permitted. Because I had a blog, I was not just some random commenter. I have skin in the game.  I’ve met about 7 or 9 people off the RVF and have met several bloggers who were near my place of residence at one point. In addition, I regularly call or text many more.

So I did follow the advice that Matt gave three years ago. I commented on blogs I liked and told them what I like about the blog or commented on the post. Whenever a blogger replied to my comment, I usually emailed them through their contact page. Usually I’d introduce myself as Wald, writer of and then would ask a short question – either advice on doing something they did, how they came to a conclusion on a blog post, or just ask how they’re doing and say I hope they keep writing.

I’m not saying spam people and email everything single blog you see, I’m saying do this for blogs you really like.

Eventually, when you correspond enough, you and the other blogger figure out that you’re both cool guys.You might link to his blog and he might link to yours. He might offer help in an area of his expertise and you yours. What I am saying?

You should network because you want to make new friends and learn a new thing or two. The collateral goodness of getting linked to, books to review for free, is only a side benefit of making a friend with whom you can discuss just about anything with more of an open mind than most people you’d find on the street or in some cases even your own house.


P.S. People on this side of the moon prefer their privacy if they’re anonymous and probably have had weird haters or stalkers if they aren’t. Keep your messages simple (Hey – I’m so and so and I think your work is such and such. Signed, my name). If you want to get to know these guys in person, the onus is on you to reveal who you are first. Provide your skype/number/name/other first before you ask for the other blogger’s information)