Police State Watch: 3,400 News Regulations

Whitewraithe posts about the 3,400 new regulations Obama passed right before Thanksgiving, while the nation was focused on Ferguson.

Vatic Note: You can bet these regulations are not for our benefit, that is for sure. One of the most effective protests is “non compliance”.  It has worked many times across the globe and is still being used today.   Pass thousands of regulations, but what good are they if not a single person follows them?  They are expensive and useless and why????  BECAUSE CURRENT LAW AND REGULATIONS ARE NOT ENFORCED except against the 99%.


Government Shutdown My Ass

Unsurprisingly, the FBI and the IRS (and probably the CIA and NSA) are still in operation, despite the widely announced shut-down of the US Government.

Federal authorities have charged a man with running Silk Road, a popular online black market for drugs.

The authorities identified the man as Ross Ulbricht, who was arrested by F.B.I. agents Tuesday afternoon at a library in San Francisco. Court papers filed in the case in Manhattan accuse him of engaging in a “massive money-laundering” operation and of trying to arrange a murder-for-hire. Mr. Ulbricht is to appear in federal court on Wednesday in San Francisco.

Mr. Ulbricht solicited a Silk Road user “to execute a murder-for-hire of another Silk Road user, who was threatening to release the identities of thousands of users of the site,” according to a criminal complaint unsealed Wednesday morning. Authorities also seized the Silk Road Web site.

In interviews with news reporters in the past, Mr. Ulbricht has gone by the moniker Dread Pirate Roberts, the authorities said, and until now his identity has remained a mystery.

The Silk Road marketplace is available through Tor, a popular tool for maintaining anonymity online. Bitcoin, a virtual currency, is used for transactions. The identities of sellers are not known to the buyers. About $1.2 million in sales were conducted a month in early 2012, according to a study by an assistant professor at Carnegie Mellon University, Nicolas Christin.

I only wish that it would shut down completely.


(h/t to Matt Forney)

Welcome to the USSA, Comrade

This image sums up pretty succinctly a major part of what is wrong with the US. You see, it’s one thing to be worried about the police. It’s another thing to worry about their neighbors. People really should mind their own fucking business. If they’re going to rubberneck, get the fuck next door, find out what really happened, and then call for back up if shit’s going down.

Part of the reason why such a police state could exist is because people are too stupid, lazy, and cowardly to deal with their problems on their own.

I wonder if Spengler should create a new law of sovereign parity. The citizens and regime of each nation deserve each other.


Speed Trap Warning

I just saw this on yahoo news. A woman was arrested for holding up a sign warning incoming passerby of a speed trap up ahead.

An officer saw her and immediately walked up to her and start searching her bags, without her consent and told her she was under arrest for a felony, obstruction of justice.

The court documents cite that was in the roadway, a danger to herself and others which was an arrest-able offence.

What does this tell you about those sworn to “serve and protect” and how they will act in the future?