The Alpha Persona’s Ultimate Day Game Weekend

On May 11th, Mother’s Day weekend this year, The Alpha Persona released his Ultimate Day Game Weekend book for his regular readers to consume.

General Overview:

Alpha starts out by introducing us to what he calls the #1 secret to that no one will tell us – be smarter than the average bear. When I first read that, it reminded me of the joke about two hikers who encountered an angry grizzly bear. The following conversation ensues.


“What do you mean, run? There is no way you can outrun a grizzly bear.”

“I don’t gotta outrun the bear, I just gotta outrun you!”

In other words, Alpha believes that the key to improving your game is to constantly improvise and think outside the box, to think of things people normally wouldn’t think of. To illustrate this, he declares that this weekend is mother’s day weekend. While most men would not think of gaming women this weekend, Alpha assumes the reader is not like most men and wishes to learn to exploit this weekend, when most women don’t expect to get hit on (and thus do not have bitch shields).

Then Alpha presents a list to the reader of what he may expect to read: when to approach, how to approach, what line to use, some of Alpha’s personal moves, and more.

Then Alpha delivers as promised and fleshes out each of the bullet points he lists.

Finally at the end of the book, Alpha reveals that routines can be used for any occasion using any female patsy you desire.

The Good: 

Alpha’s writing is simple and easy to read, similar to [Redacted]’s style of writing. He explains each of his concepts fully and provides step by step instructions on how to use his routine. His helpless mouse routine is so easy, even a caveman could do it (TM).

His personal moves such as the mind reading trick, palm reading, the venue bounce, and how to get cell phone numbers, are well explained and easy for any guy to implement. Guys who need to know what to do, and what to do after that, and what to do after that will not be disappointed.

The strongest selling point of this book is that you can immediately use what you read in the field. I have not extensively test his routines, but the one moment I half-heartedly tried one of his routines, in Dresden, in German which is not my first language, I could see it in the girls eyes that she was open to talking to me. Unfortunately, I picked two belts and did not know how to speak about them at length in German (or English) and had to bow out. I may have had a language barrier verbally, but I could still understand what her eyes said. But don’t take my word for it, I would advise you try out what you read today.

The Bad:

This is Alpha’s first book and it shows in the writing. While his prose is easy to understand, it reads as if the book was written by some half-baked pick up artist, with Alpha’s emphasis on the #1 secret no one will tell you and not being or coming across as a creepy loser, or creepy loser rapist, or just plain ol’ rapist. Somehow Alpha’s writing style seems mixed as if two different people, or personalities took turns writing the book, and that detracts from absorbing the knowledge Alpha drops. He also states that your goal in any is to not come off like a creepy loser rapist. I beg to differ. I would argue that your goal in any day approach is to approach the girl and engage in conversation skillfully enough that she would want to see you again and sleep with you. In short, to get laid. Perhaps Alpha said that in jest, but the fact that I am confused about whether it is in jest or not means it is nonetheless unclear.

People who advanced in the game may also find the step by step instructions a bit tedious and want to get straight to the good bits.

I can not criticize Alpha’s routines as I have not used them enough to be qualified to offer any constructive criticism.


At the end of the day, Alpha’s Ultimate Day Game Weekend is a well worth a read. It’s useful in that its moves can be used in nearly a limitless amount of situations. In fact, for its measly price of 1 dollar, you would be an idiot not buy the book.

Don’t be an idiot, buy the book here.


As for Alpha, this is my first book review. I hope it was tough but fair.