Last Week’s Red Pill: Alpha Greeting

For the past week, I have focused on greeting like an alpha.

I noticed that just about everyone returned my greeting. It seemed as if most people returned the same greeting I gave them, as if copying me (follow the leader anyone?).

Few people did not return my greeting – I noticed that they were generally pre-occupied with something or in my class year. I knew none of the people who did not return my greeting. Everyone who knew me personally greeted me as I greeted them.

From my observations, it’s not simply a matter of giving an alpha greeting or not. It’s how you do it. There is also a hierarchy of alpha within alpha greetings.

Who goes first?

Do you nod fast or slow?

Do you like them in the eyes?

Generally it seemed as if there was no difference in order of greeting. If you greeted first and somebody reacted, you were the alpha. If you greeted first and they took their time to greet you back, they were the alpha.

It’s best to do a quick twitch upwards and come down slow I have found. It believe it makes you look relaxed. If you do your greeting really quickly you look like you’re in a hurry or on crack. Neither is desirable.

I also noticed that I reflexively beta greet (nod down and then up) others who are higher status than me in multiple ways. For example, an older officer who had authority over me both in rank, school position, and age received a reflexive beta greeting from me.

A student however, even if higher rank than me, would get an alpha greeting all the same most of the time.

All in all, greetings aren’t a big deal as long as you’re comfortable with things and show it.


Red Pill of the Week: Greeting

For the next week, I will focusing on giving the alpha version of the common greeting.

That is to say, when I greet someone, I will look them in the eye and tilt my head up, not down. I remember reading in Roissy that alpha males tilt their heads upwards when they greet (dominant) and that betas do the opposite.



The second thing I’ll be looking out for, is to observe who nods up and who nods down, and try to guess why. I’ve already had certain observations like how cleaning staff always nods down and some alpha bitches always nod up. I wonder if I’ll get different reactions if I nod first.

As always – I’ll get back to you next week on my observations.


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Red Pill of the Week: Speaking

For the next week, I will be running Voice Game as my Red Pill of the Week.

That is to say, I will do two things:

1. I will speak slowly, and pause when I need to think about what I say. No filler words.

2. I will use my diaphragm when I speak.

I remember reading someone online that if one speaks slowly, one appears more thoughtful with one’s words (often observed in speeches) and that if one speaks with their diaphragm one appears more confident and powerful. I have seen many speeches and one consistent thing I saw was that those men always spoke up, clearly, and paused when necessary. I also believe that if I slow down my speech, it will have more effect when I need to speak fast.

I used to have a problem with speaking too fast to the point of stuttering and recently it has come up again – perhaps due to stress. I also notice that I speak way too fast when speaking foreign languages such as German or Russian because I enjoy speaking in those tongues and get excited when I do. I hope to slow down my speech so foreigners can understand me too.

As for the diaphragm, the Assistant Commandant here speaks with a booming voice, always using his diaphragm. It is hard to tell by the tone of his voice whether he is angry or not. So people tread carefully in his wake. It is actually when he speaks in a normal tone, that he’s very pissed. It’s interesting see the effect that has on people.

Here’s an interesting video that makes you think about tone of voice:

As always – I’ll get back to you next week on my observations.


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Last Week’s Red Pill: Eye Contact

For the past week, I have been focusing on running Eye Contact Game.

I’ve been looking people in the eyes as I pass them by, using the triangle, and power staring  freshmen upon occasion.

What I have noticed with eye contact as I passed people by. Some people do indeed lower their gaze (people who I feel I could take on in a fight, and girls). Tall guys often would hold my gaze and then look to the side as they passed me. Some guys would hold my gaze until we were right next to each other (and would have to turn our heads to hold gaze). I was a little uncomfortable holding gaze with guys who were bigger than me and would look to the side or acknowledge, “Hey what’s up?” to break the tensions. Seeing as I am in a military school, which is small, I knew quite a lot of people, so the real end result here is that I ended up talking to people more often and greeting them more often. I will have to run Eye Contact Game again in a foreign place where I know few people to get more conclusive results.

When I did the triangle Eye Contact, I noticed that at first I listened to what someone was saying less, but over time actually heard what someone was saying and was able to think about it in my head. I felt like it slowed down the interaction. My few interactions with teachers (female) seem to have gone well this last week, even one where the teacher accused me of using her for my own gain with disregard to her. I think the triangle game helps interactions with people, and I feel like I do this naturally (BETAs too much, Alphas not enough/just right?).

As for the power stare – I did not do it enough to get discernible, conclusive results. I’ll have to focus on it again.

As for now – I will say Eye Contact definitely is useful if you use it right.


P.S. Bonus points to whoever can guess to whom those eyes in the picture above belong to.


Red Pill of the Week: Eye Contact

 For the next two weeks, I will take the Eye Contact flavor of red pill.

After re-reading all the posts on Eye-Contact game, I will focus on two things concerning Eye Contact for the next two weeks.

1. When I pass people by, I will stare them down, man or woman. I will not try to regulate the distance at which I hold someone’s gaze, just the time I keep it.

2. When talking to someone, I will gaze in a triangle – first I focus on one eye, then the other eye, then the mouth (or chin) and so forth.

3. Randomly, I will focus on people’s forehead for a “power stare” to see what happens.

I encourage anyone who has their own stories concerning the Eye Contact flavor of Red Pill  to share in the comment section below.



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Take the Red Pill As Pre-Scribed

I recently read The Private Man’s post, “You Know You’ve Taken The Red Pill When…” and  found myself nodding to some of things he listed.

I read some on the comments and read Ian Ironwood’s “The Red Pill: Take Daily, As Directed“. In his post he mentioned how it is not easy waking up and taking the red pill everyday.

One of his suggestions that stood out to me, was that one could start out by adding one red pill behavior every week.

I’ve decided to take his advice. Starting this Sunday, I will add one red pill behavior (standing up straight, eye contact experiment, etc) in my repertoire and focus on doing it all week and I will report back on it at the end of the week.


A Manifesto

I’ve got something important to say.

I know what I want. In my heart of hearts, I know that I want to marry a beautiful women who is at least 10 years younger than me and cherishes me. I want to marry a women who wants to have 15 children. And then 15 more. But I’m not going to marry her just yet.

Right now, I am going to plow as many different women as I can. I am going to make as many mistakes as I can. This way I will be able to identify the woman I want to marry and I will know what to do to make her all mine.

This past month, I’ve been going through a baptism of fire and it is almost over. I just got out of a long distance, long-term relationship of a year with a girl I thought I loved, but realized I was only infatuated with. To date, she is probably the most attractive girl I have been with and the most complementary to my personality. She is the only girl I have ever said ‘I love you” to, outside of family and the girl with whom I’ve been involved with for the longest.

I was talking with a friend about it, beating this horse to death, when he asked me, ‘Is she worth the chase?”

I thought about it for a minute even though it seemed like an hour. “No” I said. “She is not worth chasing.”

That was the most honest thing I have said or thought about her in the last four weeks, let alone 6 months.

The things, I answered honestly because I already knew the answer to that question. I already knew the answer because I had already knew the question. When I first started hooking up with this girl, I knew in my heart of hearts, that I would never marry her. In my head, I pictured myself married to a girl ten years younger than me (at least) and who had parents who never got divorced. This girl is one year younger than and her parents got divorced when she was really young. Her mom remarried, but got divorced from this girl’s stepfather at the end of my senior year (I found this out right when I got back from senior trip). I already knew when it started that we had an expiration-date. I was with her to be along for the ride until it inevitably would crash, which it did. With that in my head, I never cared to0 much about this girl until I did. I thought of her only as hook-up material and someone to pass the time with until graduation until I didn’t.  I guess I had forgotten that many months into the relationship.

It is through the death of this relationship that I will be able to fully swallow the red pill. A friend with prescience once told me that this girl will be the template, against which I will compare every other girl I get involved with against. And he was right. Few girls in my future will be able to ever compare to this girl. But that is not the point. With each new conquest, with each new experience, I will meet girls who will not compare to this girl, but will be better than her. At some point I will meet a wonderful girl and when it ends spectacularly, she will be the new template against which I will compare all future girls. This will continue on and so forth until I meet the girl who is worthy enough to be my wife and I am mature and experienced to see her for what she is and not what I want her to be.

I named this blog Scar Tissue because I bear a large scar across my stomach that will remain with me to my death and I wouldn’t have it any other way. Every man bears or will bear a scar, from the one who got away, the moment he lost it all, from when he sunk to the lowest point in his life; which will serve as his permanent reminder of where he came from and where he is heading, on his path to greatness.