Don’t Just Walk Away

I was reading the Red Pill Reddit when I got linked to a thread where a user desribes suffering abuse at the hands of his girl friend and getting arrested in the process.

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I already believe that Law Enforcement is not on your side. Stories like this confirm this again and again. I believe arresting the man is precedent in cases of domestic violence calls, and what I see seems to follow this.

I give this man props for swiftly moving out. It was the right move. I can only hope he never saw that girl again.

I continued reading.

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This really pissed me off. In group betrayal is one of my hot buttons. The oblivious mistakes of youth are one thing. I have made some of my own. But such a betrayal at the ripe old age of 63 suggests that this mom is overripe and needs to be thrown out. I continued reading.

Dom V3


There are several things I wish to address.

First off, the deck is stacked against you if you are a man in case of domestic dispute. The resources of the state, the media, and society at large are reading and waiting to be unleashed upon you should make the mistake of making the misstep of making your girlfriend angry. That doesn’t mean you are unable to solve the problem should such a dispute arise. No. Don’t get down on your knees and resign yourself to defeat. It simply means that you can not solve issues through conventional methods and channels.

Second. In each of these cases, all three men ended up in the advantageous position. They probably noticed better behavior from the offending women. What these men did not do, is strike back at these women with all they had. They should have. They should have black knighted. Fuck the notion that women are the weaker sex. In the game of deception and manipulating others, they’re more treacherous opponents. Secondly, they should receive the equality they claimed they so desired. Three, once stories of men winning these disputes and yes, crushing the females who dared use the system improperly against them reach the ears of other women, they’ll start to have second thoughts about being crazy bitches.

Speak of crazy bitches, that’s my third point. Women act like crazy bitches and get to blame bad (read: bitchy) behavior on being hormonal because we men, as a group let them get away with it. Too many men believe these excuses or let women off until they get burned themselves. But by then their change in attitude is mostly too late to save themselves. The three men above are lucky. If women expect us to master the better half our baser natures, so should we expect of them. To do so otherwise would be sexist, no?

Lastly, I wish to address the second example, of the crazy mom. If a family member ever, I mean, ever tries to pull that shit on you, never talk to them again. They are not worth your time. Let them get away with it once and next time you won’t be so lucky as to survive their antics in as good shape as you did before.

If you are gain one thing from this it is – when someone so thoroughly wrongs on a level consistent with the above, don’t just walk away. Leave them in a wake of wrath. Do whatever you can get away and then leave. Whatever you do, don’t just walk away.


P.S. I notice that sometimes I still get angry at this stuff when it hardly surprises me anymore. That’s part of the reason I have not been posting. But I also will take 9 days break from the manosphere. Posting. Reading. Commenting.

A Self Analysis of My Game 3

So, some quick thoughts on the state of my game.

At the moment, I am on the tip end of the spearhead of success I believe is coming my way. I am plus one for a total of five.

At the moment, I realize I still have not gotten with a lot of girls. I still brag to nearly all and sundry if I am really excited about a particular bang or thing I learned a bunch. At this stage of the game, I suppose it’s not a bad thing. It’s quite normal actually. I just gotta remember who I tell what so I don’t cock-block myself in the future from not growing out of the habit (or taming it somewhat).

I have progress on over-coming last-minute resistance. I am still slowly getting better.

I would say that overall, my biggest problem now, is a lack of experience and the attendant problems with that. I am still learning how to reliably get past last-minute resistance. I am still learning how to reliably lead a girl to make me finish the way I want. I am not good at getting a girl off. I have probably focused on the mind more than the body. I suppose I think that if I have the mind, the body will follow. Still, it’s not a bad problem to have.

Mostly I am focusing on getting mine. Enjoying myself. Getting what I want. I pay little attention to the wants and needs of my counterpart in comparison. I do not go down on girls and probably never will get into that much. I am still experimenting with how dominating, domineering, and how much of an asshole I can be. I don’t apologize for my own desires and am no longer ashamed for fantasies and sharing them with women.

My confidence has surged and the disbelief on the part of my family helps a lot. My sister thinks I am a monster. And now I don’t have to answer so many questions.

Dad -“So [Wald] – how tall is this girl?”

Me – “About a head taller than me.”

Dad – “How does that work for you?”

Sister – “[Wald] unfortunately has an answer for that question.”

Me – [Smile from ear to ear]

As for problems – I have no major problems at the moment. I still need to work on Salsa, but I am not in a good place for it now. Good thing I’ve got plenty life to live, still.


Thoughts On My Site’s Layout And Things

I’ve recently included a share tab at the bottom of my posts at behest of Bill Powell so that everyone can share my stuff. It’s hidden by a button, but it shares all the same on Twitter, Facebook, and Reddit. Share what you will.

I put off including them and other features for so long because of my idea of aesthetics. That is to say, less is more. I’d rather say more things with fewer words. Brevity is the soul of wit. Same can be said with my blog design. A black background that captures you instead of distracting you, and that frames the beautiful header in the middle. I chose a constantly changing header because I myself am constantly changing. My normal accent, when I speak in of itself, constantly changes. Sometimes I can control it. Sometimes I can’t. Most of the time I don’t even notice. I don’t think I’ll be consistently one way or one person until I get into my thirties. It’s why I don’t plan to marry before I’m 34.

I don’t post everything on here because I try not to rehash points I’ve already made and I try not to clutter up my blog. But recently, due to laziness, I’ve been lax with posting. I’ve also posted mostly failures I feel, or posts self-critical of myself. I believe that if I can’t be honestly critical of myself, then ultimately I cannot press forward. There’s no point in lying to myself or my audience about how well I do or do not do. The good news is that I do have some victories and I think I there some things I have had the luck to learn by sweat alone without the usual emotional pain or blood.

I want to thank everyone who has read my blog and those who have taken the time to comment. Starting this blog has been one of the best things I have ever done – it’s been really rewarding and I feel like it enables me to grow at a faster pace than ever before. It allows me to talk with men like Davis Aurini, Bill Powell, Dagonet, Koanic Soul, Bojangles and his crew, Dr. Illusion, Matt Forney, Ace, and others.

Since first starting correspondence with Bill in April of last year, I have grown faster than ever before. I am more motivated to learn from my mistakes because the results are tangible and easy to see, and I enjoy sharing my lessons and successes with these men.

My brother, when I was younger looked out for me. I looked up to him and he took care of me. I believed he was the best brother in the world. Unfortunately, because he was more than a decade older than me, there arose a gap between us as he left for college. I’ve never been able to see him much since then and get to know him as a person, more than just pleasant memories and cognitive dissonance caused by the clash of his memory and how behaves now. There is a gap I need to bridge – but I am not yet completely sure how.

Even then, you men are the brothers I never had, but needed all the same.


A Self Analysis of My Game 2

Things have changed since my last Self Analysis of My Game.

Looking at my checklist I have accomplished two out of three:

1. I don’t know how to cold approach. I need to approach more girls. [Accomplished]

2. I don’t know how to dance. I need to keep up with Salsa.

3. I think too much. Instead of wasting time thinking about past mistakes, I need to go make new ones and learn from those. [Accomplished]

I’ve been talking to more people on the streets. More girls of course, but anybody and everybody. If I get curious I follow it. I try not to let too much time elapse or I may get caught up in my own head, but generally I have been more extroverted on the street. I can’t say I have gotten laid from this – but I am sure it is good practice and if I keep it up, I shall be rewarded for my efforts. If anything it makes me more outgoing and is fun.

I have not kept up with Salsa. Mostly because I’ve been too lazy to go and I got sick for two weeks where I didn’t feel up to it. In hindsight I should have told my weak flesh to fuck off and have gone anyway. I’ll have to do some catch up this summer.

I’ve been thinking somewhat less I suppose. The biggest innovation is I stop fighting it. I let it pass or distract myself by thinking of something else. This allows thoughts and emotions to wash over me, like a rock, instead of bowling me over like a sapling tree caught in a hurricane.

Now I see a new problem on the horizon. Getting numbers is no longer than hard for me.  Getting girls to a place to bang is not so hard. What is hard however, is escalation. Escalation is a sticking point for me. I’ve noticed that I’ve mostly encountered this problem with younger girls 18 years old or around my age. Girls above 26 are no problem to escalate.  But with younger girls I don’t escalate as fast as I could.

I think half the reason is that I enjoy the initial seduction leading up to the kiss. The knowledge that a girl wants to kiss me and I can kiss her at my leisure is intoxicating. But the other half is I am afraid. Not of the kiss – but of what comes after. I have no experience or even real clue on how to defeat last-minute resistance because I’ve never really encountered any before. I’m not sure how to push past it and or make a girl really emotional and horny before she can get back into logical thinking and resist me. And I’m not sure how to “practice” without incurring undesirable consequences. With a foreign girl I worry less – but with an American girl I still hold back.

I guess it may also be the case that I have higher standards, expecting girls to put out right away. But I have neither the experience nor the skill that comes with it in these endeavor. I also lack the unwavering confidence in this arena which hampers my progress for sure.

So my next checklist:

1. I need to acquire more notches/flags to attain more experience.

2. I should act completely confident even if I am not. The practice of not freaking out when things don’t go my way initially will be very helpful.

3. I need to learn more about last-minute resistance to understand before I can reliably conquer it.


Some Kids Need To Get Their Ass Beat

I was talking with Matt Forney the other day, and conversation hit the topic of kids who need to get beaten more often.

I see a lot of kids who I think should have gotten beaten more as children. Or bullied. Or something. I was not beaten as a child, but my father did spank me. His word, was law. Didn’t want to eat my peas?

SMACK! From across the table.

I ate every last one. Every last damn pea.

Had the gall to interrupt conversation?

SMACK! Onto the floor I went.

I was silent for the rest of the night.

It got to the point where he didn’t even have to smack me anymore. He’d look at me and I’d already be cowering inside. One day, my sister told on me because I ate all the icing of the top of his cake. I hid underneath my bed the whole day.

The best part was when I was getting punished for something and I tried to run away.

See, my Dad’s a stand-up guy. He’d spank me thrice for the punishment I rightly deserved and then three times that amount for trying to run away.

The quickest way I learned to avoid the book, open hand, or a long, thin switch, was to either do no evil, or to not get caught doing it. Unfortunately, I was not good at not getting caught. Fortunately, my sister was worse.

She probably still talks about how I didn’t get spanked enough as a kid. And I just laugh because her dumbass probably got me out of more trouble than I ever could by myself.

My secret was that I paid real good attention once the screams penetrated the thin walls that separated our rooms and I made sure not to do what she did.


On Mastery

A small reflection on mastery. I think it is, in part, an obsession.

A while back, last year, I became damn near obsessed with learning how to play Mad World on the piano:

For a while I used something similar to this tutorial to learn how to play. I learn how to do the first verse. It turned out to be simplified and inaccurate. I also did not have enough patience to sit down and play the song over and over. I was distracted by girls too.

Now that I’ve been in Germany for a while, this song has been stuck in my head. Two weeks ago I sat down to practice it for a hour or two hours straight. I learned how to do each part and eventually put it together. At first, it was tough, but I stuck with it because I could not get the song out of my head. I used the video below to learn, and I learned the song within a week, when it took me up to three months to learn a song before.

I would practice each part until I got it down pat and then would learn the next part. Then I would play the song over and over and over, alternating between really fast, really slow, and somewhere in between. At this point, I can play the song almost completely with my eyes closed. If it weren’t for the second verse changing up on me, I could play it blind.

I can’t get the song out of my head. I just have to play it. Every day I play this song. Even old songs I learned, I can remember them in a few play throughs, with muscle memory and sound memory.


A Self Analysis of My Game

I have been meaning to do this post for a while. The primary idea is to highlight my faults and weaknesses so I can no longer consciously avoid fixing or working around them without the mental pain of regret of actions not taken. In theory, once I acknowledge my weaknesses, I should have no choice but to work them out. Comments from the Three Bromigos, about what they’ve briefly seen of me are welcome. Maybe they’ll tell me I’m full of shit (not being honest enough with myself). On with the execution.

I’ll start off with what I know – I’ve been aware of game for a little over three years. It seems like forever to me (since the tail end of eleventh grade). I’ve been putting what I can into practice since then and have started to see some real results in the tail end of last year (October – December 2012).

In my first year I went from 0 to 0. My second year I went from 0 to 1. My third year I went from 1 to 4, with a funny story to boot (you’ll hear about it later). I’m progressing, though I’m not progressing very fast.

First the first year and second, I could say that I was just beginning to learn game and therefore not much should be expected. I suffered from paralysis by analysis. I didn’t do enough and over thought everything. The especially goes for the last oneitis I had (and those in the know would laugh at the pun). It is un-endingly ironic that she was the relationship I consciously used game in but didn’t not vindicate my new found knowledge.

In the third year, especially after it got worse with my oneitis, but better with my game, Unfortunately, my second year in university I found myself in the same pussy purgatory as the year before (which may have probably exasperated my oneitis). Knowing this, I ventured into online game. I messaged hundreds of girls. Met up with probably six and fucked two of them. Not a bad ratio for online, with one of the girls being better looking in real life than in photos (which is all but an impossibility). I made do with this game because my environment didn’t allow me to do much else, other than a couple of controlled red pill experiments. Overtime it became very efficient, and I may or may not have a few pleasantries awaiting my return home due to my efforts.

However, in this new year, two months have gone by and nothing changed. Okay, well that’s a lie. I’m studying abroad in Germany. I’ve got a bunch of plans but have not made much progress on any of them. The online game well has dried up. And I’ve only been making excuses not to go out and day game.

It’s a repeat of highschool. While my strong ability to analyze allows me to self evaluate my past failures and learn from them and correct my behavior, it is probably my biggest weakness in a reversal of the usual tired cliché in that I spend a lot of time thinking, dreaming even, instead of going out and taking what I want.

I’ve no real experience cold approaching girls and I have never gone out with the sole intention of doing so. I’ve done a bunch of indirect approaches out of curiosity, but it is not my nature yet. I’ve missed opportunities because I couldn’t see them in the past and now I miss them because I have gotten off my ass to go take advantage of them. When I have something that may as well have fallen in my lap, I’m not completely “on” to take advantage of it. I think game, but I do not live and breathe it yet.

One weakness is night game. I can talk sure, but I can’t dance and clubs are my worst enemy. I don’t hate clubbing, but if it weren’t for my friends who love it, I would. Normally, I’d find friends who didn’t like clubbing, but these guys are my best friends and they’re all good with women. They add value to my life whether teaching me something about getting girls or being fun to hang out with. Currently I’m taking steps to improve my dancing ability through Salsa class and sometime my confidence in dancing should improve too. I’m way to self conscious about, even though I know that in the end, nobody fucking cares that I don’t know how to dance (okay the girls a bit).

When a girl doesn’t know how to dance, I can kill it. With the knowledge I can dance better than her (if only marginally), I set about teaching her. I did it with a Thai girl who I later dropped at a school dance. I taught her moves, taught her how to act on my commands for various moves, and even did a show for American girls who loved my dominance. If I had told the Thai girl to be my girlfriend that night, my will would have been done. My roommates later to told me to not have sex on the dance floor. The other factor may have been that I knew everybody at the school and they all gave me props because I have a reputation at the school that is getting truer every day. I guess you could say it is a home court advantage as I have always done well at these school dances.

Another weakness is speaking and congruity. I still don’t know who I am or who I want to be, in regards to what fits for getting with girls. With foreign girls, I am a confident, well traveled American, in good shape, who’ll be an officer. Most of the time. That is my most consistent persona I guess. I just can’t really decide on my style. I’m a big talker once I get comfortable with somebody and I am a mute with people I don’t know and am not comfortable around (or just getting to know). I have an admiration for men of few, but powerful and valuable words. Somehow I manage only the extremes, which my Brazilian friend says is too crazy sometimes and scares the girls away.

However, this does make it fun when a girl is trying to figure me out. If I can’t then she hasn’t got a snowball in hell’s chance of figuring me out. My favorite thing to do is have a girl guess where I’m from. They never guess that I’m from the U.S. and when I finally let it slip that I am, it seems that they think my parents are from elsewhere and highly suspicious of how American I am.

Well, it appears this turned into a bit of ranting stream of thought. It needed to be said and it has been, at least.

I suppose a short summary is in order:

1. I don’t know how to cold approach. I need to approach more girls.

2. I don’t know how to dance. I need to keep up with Salsa.

3. I think too much. Instead of wasting time thinking about past mistakes, I need to go make new ones and learn from those.


Why I Do Not Make Posts on Government

A lot of manosphere blogs discuss government and the various injustices purveyed by the ‘just-us’ system. Sometimes one might find an honest journalist who is doing his job.

While I am an avid reader on these issues, to keep myself informed, I do not blog about them. Reflecting on this fact, I wonder why I do not do this and I have found that I have a multitude of reasons to do so.

Despite my many strong opinions, I find myself not being able to fully articulate what I believe or why I believe it. Often when I comment about politics online I can have a reasonable discussion, mostly with red pill people, who know the whole story when I speak and liberally sprinkle the conversation with manosphere terms, themes, and tropes. When I speak in public, I immediately regret it. I feel like I cannot adequately explain myself because I must explain the whole story and convince my audience of things I hold self-evident to explain my point. Secondly, when I think about where I get most of my political data, I get it from blogs. While I do trust these blogs and the manosphere to be legitimate sources, the fact remains that I am still getting my information second hand soures and am not pouring over data or deciphering political editorials myself. Therefore, I do not consider myself credible enough to engage in serious political debate. For all the disgust I have of feminists and so-called “liberals” of today, engaging in circle-jerks, intellectual masturbation, and drinking each other’s political brand of koolaide or haterade, I pretty much do the same think. Yikes!

The second reason I do not speak on government issues, is that I believe that it does not benefit me much. That is to say, there are people like Bill Powell or Keoni Galt who have already been speaking the subject longer than I would have and do a better job than I would do anyway. Speaking on government, I imagine, would therefore not bring me a larger audience I think. Speaking on government will not improve my life. At least, I neither am in a position nor do I have the means to do much about the problem that is government. I can do what I can protect myself against government policy, but even that is mostly common sense and keeping my opinion to myself when it is prudent to do so. I am better qualified to speak on game, and even then I am not that qualified, yet. The point is, speaking about game and working on that actively improves my life whereas highlighting the faults of government consumes time. Lots and lots of time. The last thing I want to become, with my addictive personality, is a man consumed by speaking on government. I know myself. I could easily become the spooked shadow of his former self, searching for government conspiracy and see the Illuminati everywhere I look. This is not to bash on those people who do speak on government, or their views, this is simply knowing myself.

However, while we’re on the topic of government, does the Christopher Dorner episode remind anyone of the movie, Law Abiding Citizen?