In Response to a Comment

Originally I was writing a response to Doqsquat‘s comment on here, but my response grew so large I decided to turn it into a blog post instead.

Perhaps you meant to comment on this post.

I see what you are saying and I believe your points are valid and perhaps are more based in reality than my points were. My personal experience with shots is not negative and I do not believe I have suffered any side effects. I am also lucky in that I have an exceptional immune system.

Currently I am on a path to become an officer in the military. I am not worried about dying on the job should I be sent into combat. I am worried about the hospital giving me the wrong drug or giving me a vaccine I can’t refuse that might actually harm me more than help me.

Looking back, I would say that it was improper to say that I “know the truth” about vaccines. What I do know is that thus far they have been helpful to me, but as I am getting older I realize they can harm just as much as they can hurt, if used improperly or made without the proper quality control. Just another facet of growing up and realizing that the adults are not infallible like I used to they were. The truth I know, is simply relevant to me and may not be for somebody else, like you, for example.

In my post, I don’t think I argued that vaccines should be banned. I thought I got the point across that they were not all the were cracked up to be. Rereading my post, what it sounds like is that I argued that all vaccines are bad and no one should take them. Clearly that is not true, otherwise I would be autistic or otherwise deranged (or not alive) today. I do believe that vaccines today, especially ones you receive as an adult are not always exactly what you think they are. This not to say that you, a paramedic are responsible for that. If there was any blame for dangerous vaccines, it would lay not on hospitals or the medical staff who administer them, but the pharmaceutical companies who create them and do not test them enough in order to enhance their bottom line.

On your points about the cancer, I would say that the reason why it is not cured yet is less of a conspiracy (contextually) and more a conflict of interests. What I mean is that, in the name of self-interest, there are probably hundreds if not thousands of people who working as hard they can to cure it, either for fame, to save a family member (or in memory of), or some other external reason. In the name of self-interest, there are also plenty of pharmaceutical companies who are trying to find a cure. However, there is a difference between the individuals who are trying to cure cancer and the pharmaceutical companies who are trying to cure cancer. The pharmaceutical companies are trying to find a cure for cancer that is profitable. In fact, an individual who finds a cheap cure for cancer would be a threat, financially to pharmaceutical companies who devote considerable resources towards finding the cure for cancer. I would argue that such companies would also devote resources through donations and controlled studies to credit or discredit people or theories to preventing the proliferation of cheap cures for cancer(s). Of course, they all do this in the name of self-interest; i.e. their bottom line.

As for your challenge, I am unable to take on your challenge due to my circumstances concerning my summer and my university. Were my circumstance different, I would probably still not take it on. I believe it would be a valuable experience, but it would not contribute to the path I am on towards achieving my goals in life.

I can say that I am in a developmental stage in my life. I am still young and not set in my ways. My views on things concerning myself, my life goals, girls, government among other things are in a constant flux and will not stop changing for some time yet. I am a sponge at this point, absorbing new ideas, trying them out or comparing them against my experiences, and then putting them away in my head for future uses.

Hell, I may even reconsider your challenge if I come across new information or more viewpoints similar to yours. What do you think of what I have just said?


In any case, I appreciate you presenting your perspective for discussion. It certainly gave me something to think about.

As for my regular readers, I have been unable and unwilling to write new posts each week due to a combination of lack of time and lack of the will to do so. Currently I am overseas and busy with a school program. I should resume a normal posting schedule in roughly three weeks. Until then, you’ll have to settle for posts that come when they hit me.