Double Your Dating

The secret’s out, gentlemen.

There is sure-fire way to double your dating and I am not talking about no David DeAngelo shit. You don’t need any convoluted routines or any manipulative tricks. In fact, it’s really simple.

If you want to double your dating, all you need to do is double the size of your targets.

Progress. From a disgusting, little, anorexic twig of a human, this “little” girl grew into a whole lotta woman. Dayum!

I mean, look at the data, man. According to Now Public, 67.3 percent of all Americans are obese. Right out the gate, if you double the weight, you double the amount prospects for your chubby chasing cock to penetrate.

You don’t even need to look at scientific research to realize that, in your prejudice against big and beautiful girls, you have been missing out on more than half the love available to you. Take a walk outside and I assure, the lovable behemoths will take their time to amble in to your view. Everywhere you look, you should see a multitude of undersexed land cows, just waiting for you to approach them. And if you do suffer the unfortunate displeasure of countenancing a malnourished girl, the likes of which gay men cast during fashion shows, it won’t be long. Lucky for us, chubby chasers, our favorite ladies often eclipse the skinny, undesirable woman from view, much like the moon eclipses the sun.


If you’re too busy to go hunting or too poor to afford an elephant gun, all hope is not lost. Fear not, for the ratio of corpulent, curvy dirigibles to undesirably svelte sticks is in your favor. And these real woman are so confident that they do not hide behind mounds (heh) of confusing language to disguise who they really are.

Unfortunately, as I have only just seen the light. I am unable to impart much wisdom for your quest (if it isn’t your quest, it should be) for beautifully bodacious women of the obtuse kind.

For that, I recommend you all read Nigel’s Big Game Blog. The man is a genius who has opened my eyes wide enough that I may be able to countenance all of the beauty, 67% of American has to offer.


P.S. For your edification I attach the accounts of other manly men, fallen angels, who have seen the light as I have.

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