Just The Way It Is

If I had to choose a time or a definite moment, in which I started on the (red-pill) path I am on today, it would be in ninth grade. I remember I had heard about several law-suits in the U.S., specifically the one where the old woman sues McDonald’s for its coffee being too hot when she spilt it on herself and the lawsuit where a man sues McDonald’s for making him fat. I remember hearing that the state of Virginia has no more diving boards because people keep hurting themselves and suing the pools. I never particularly like McDonald’s or like swimming pools (with all their rules), but I thought those lawsuits were fucking stupid.

I knew something was wrong because, that was all bullshit and ¬†that those people succeeded in their cases, disgusted me. I remember talking with my Dad about this – he said it was a case of people blaming the institutions for their own stupidity and not themselves. I realized that’s why pool’s lacked diving boards, why schools have lame-ass playgrounds (thank you helicopter parents), and why schools are so afraid to actually discipline kids.

I told my Dad that I thought those lawsuits were all B.S. and that the culture of sue this, sue that in the U.S. was wrong and asked how it got there. That’s when he told me, “Well, that’s just the way things are.”