Poem of the Week: The Road

“Where the long, winding path takes me,

I do not know,

All I care is going forward,

For I am on the road,

This way to enlightenment,

Only 200 more miles until the next progress node,

I do not worry,

For I am on the road,

Numbers, kisses, lays, and rejections,

Are all bound within the code,

The marker of importance is how much I’ve grown,

For I am on the road.”



Poem of the Week: Pulling Teeth

“Of the two kinds you will meet, you will soon see,

Dealing with one’s a cake walk, and the other like pulling teeth,

Domestic kind sometimes as unwilling as can be,

Foreign can hide neither her excitement nor glee,

Shit tests aplenty, for play you must bleed,

Compared to smiles and birthing hips, eager to breed,

To beget good behavior, one must mistreat,

Whereas good treatment begets she treats you like a king,

But do not, for a second believe,

That as brokeback-beta, you may precede,

For if you do, your gains wholesale recede,

And neither woman will respond if you plead,

The overarching point that you must heed,

Foreign is more rewarding, despite less work than you’d need.”


Weekly Poem: The Reaper

The Reaper

“Fear and guilt consumes those,

Who soon shall reap what they have sown,

Soon they will fear the Reaper,

Their ubiquity will abate, we will not share their fate,

Without a life, I’ve got none left to lose,

Their poison, can’t be transfused,

Survive or die, they won’t get to choose

There will soon be a stand,


I’ve got path ahead of me,

I will walk even if it’s the end of me,

One purpose, one mind, and direction,

Thwarting feminism with my erection,

They can’t accept¬†responsibility,

They ask “who shall my keeper be?”

Their threat of death won’t make me weaker,

Because I drink with the Reaper.”