Ice Cream Cake Game

~ this was written yesterday night and posted this morning

Tonight, to console myself over disappointing news, I decided I’d go to a friend’s house for dinner and a movie. It was already decided ahead of time what we’d watch and that I would be bringing ice cream cake. I felt bad bringing the remains of the ice cream cake that I bought for my roommate, to welcome him coming home from graduating Ranger School, so I bought a new one.

An Oreo Cake with chocolate and cookie dough.

As I was walking towards their door from my car, parked across the street in the grass, I saw a mixed group of two girls and two guys. I asked them if they knew any of my friends. When they replied that they knew neither the man or his wife, I introduced myself:

Me: “Hi, I’m Thomas and I love ice cream cake.”

Them: “Is that an ice cream cake?”

Me: “Why yes it is. An oreo ice cream cake.”

*gets to the door*

Me: “Would you like some?”

Them: “Are you serious?”

Me: “Yeah, do you have a knife?”

I ended up introducing them to my friends and getting all their names. Sadly I only remember the name of the girls. Turns out, one of the guys knew my buddy. He was a soldier in my friend’s platoon (my friend was the Platoon Leader). We chatted for a little bit. The group I met were helping a fella and his lady move, but they’d be there for a while. I got’em two slices.

Apparently they all had a stressful day of moving and I made their night by adding ice cream cake to it.

Today was good day, despite its disappointing, frustrating start.


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