Take the Red Pill As Pre-Scribed

I recently read The Private Man’s post, “You Know You’ve Taken The Red Pill When…” and  found myself nodding to some of things he listed.

I read some on the comments and read Ian Ironwood’s “The Red Pill: Take Daily, As Directed“. In his post he mentioned how it is not easy waking up and taking the red pill everyday.

One of his suggestions that stood out to me, was that one could start out by adding one red pill behavior every week.

I’ve decided to take his advice. Starting this Sunday, I will add one red pill behavior (standing up straight, eye contact experiment, etc) in my repertoire and focus on doing it all week and I will report back on it at the end of the week.


2 thoughts on “Take the Red Pill As Pre-Scribed

  1. One week seems a bit quick, how did that work out? It took me about a year to ingrain good eye contact and posture so that it feels natural.

    By the way, your page has performance issues. Had to rewrite at least 3 comments due to memory errors.

    • Once a week is pretty quick, actually. But I was bored at military school so I didn’t have a lot going on.

      Yeah. I need to get my website looked at. Not sure what it is.


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