Welcome to the USSA, Comrade

This image sums up pretty succinctly a major part of what is wrong with the US. You see, it’s one thing to be worried about the police. It’s another thing to worry about their neighbors. People really should mind their own fucking business. If they’re going to rubberneck, get the fuck next door, find out what really happened, and then call for back up if shit’s going down.

Part of the reason why such a police state could exist is because people are too stupid, lazy, and cowardly to deal with their problems on their own.

I wonder if Spengler should create a new law of sovereign parity. The citizens and regime of each nation deserve each other.


5 thoughts on “Welcome to the USSA, Comrade

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    • That’s just wrong.

      And that girl is clearly not independent or in need of any man to protect from big, bad, life.

  2. My dad once got his alarm set off. He rushed home and a cop was there, too. My dad went on into the building, wondering how to deal with the burglars. Luckily, there were none.

    He then talked to a policewoman who, upon hearing this story, remarked in shock: “But sir! How could you possibly think you could deal with it on your own?”

    • Hahah

      And people wonder why we shake our heads when women talk about being strong and independent and not needing “no man”.

      That is, until a mouse or a spider comes along.


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