Life Dream Part 2

In my previous post, I detailed my life dream for all to see.

This post is to give a little context to my dreams.

The first part is that my dreams came from inspiration. As I detailed in my about me section (which has been updated), I traveled to Rio de Janeiro, Brazil in 2009 to visit two of my best friends. One day we took my friend’s father drove us all a dockyard and we sailed to a beautiful place called Angra Dos Reis, or Angra for short.

We stayed there for about three days and I fell in love with the beauty of the azure sky and the chartreuse green trees and grass. On the car ride back to Rio, I resolved to buy an island of the coast of Brazil someday.


The beauty of my dream, is that I don’t need to accomplish it in its entirety to be satisfied with it or my life. If I only succeed and basing my family on the island to keep them safe and I don’t get any further, I’d be happy with it. Were I to die in the army before I could get out and further my designs to amass the money to buy such an island, I’d still be happy. Sure, I would not have completed my dream, but I would have died on the path I chose.

The best part is that with each passing year, more and more of my dream becomes clear to me. Though I do not knowing yet how I will accomplish everything, I know I will find out soon enough.


Here’s an original picture.

April 2010 in Brazilien

8 thoughts on “Life Dream Part 2

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  2. I tried commenting on your other post regarding love and loss vs never having loved at all, but I got an error.

    Decided to read this post. I love living by the beach for this very reason, it’s a different version of living on a tropical island. Great goal.

    • That’s weird, try reposting the comment. I didn’t find it in spam, so I think my website messed up on you. It just ate my first reply to your comment. Just make sure you copy your comment so you can paste it until it works (should be second or third time). Meanwhile, I should do some maintenance. I’d love to hear your thoughts on that post.


      As for the rest of your comment, thanks! I’d like to own beachfront property someday to see if I’d really like to live there for the rest of my life (or a good portion).

      Good to see you’re still around.


  3. I find that the greatest satisfaction does not come from reaching goals, but from the confident hope in them and the discipline and dedication to work on them. It gives life purpose and direction.

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