Why Younger Women?

From my browsing of several parts of the manosphere, I’ve seen a few arguments for and against the merits of women over 30.

On one side, you’ve got men who think women over thirty are, or can be sexier than their younger 18-23 year old counterparts. They say there’s a certain sophistication, class, and confidence to them and that the young-ins can often be quite annoying to be around, babbling nonsense and their latest pop culture bullshit. They cite personal experience.

On the other side, you’ve got men who completely disagree. They say that the younger crowd are younger, hotter, and tighter. Supple skin, good smell, fun to be around, and carefree. They say that older women are smelly, nowhere near as good looking as the young ones (hello wall), and even have trouble lubricating. They cite personal experience

So now I’ll cite some personal experience.


I’ve been with three women that color my experience and have helped me decide where I stand on this issue.

1. 42

The first woman was a 42 year old Asian woman. I met her on the subway when I was on the way to meet a Colombian girl I met off of POF. The metro had just closed and I spotted an Asian couple talking. I walked up to them, bottle of Prosecco in hand, and asked for a ride and the woman told me to hop on. We got in their car and started talking, The man’s name was Suki, which made me laugh because that means ‘bitches’ in Russian. I told him he should tell people his name was Suki because he got all the Suki. The woman laughed. She dropped him off and took me to my spot. The Colombian girl texted me that she was “sooooo drunk”. I told my driver that my paramour to-be would most like be a starfish and I was not about that life. I offered my Prosecco in exchange for a ride home. She agreed.

We got to my house, I pushed her over the wall (she had a nice tush) and we started drinking and watching a movie. By the pace of her drinking, I correctly assessed her state of mind, and slowly got her undressed* until we were making out. Took her upstairs and that was that. She left in the morning to tend to her children (she was divorced, though).

I saw her several times until about 2014 when there’s been no contact. Things I noticed?

She tasted funny and smelled funny sometimes. Her tongue had a weird texture and sometimes I didn’t want to kiss her, so I often pushed her head into my crotch. She was good fun and pleasant to talk to. But something like that could never be a long protracted arrangement.

2. 42-52

The second women was around the same age, if not 52. I can’t remember exactly how old other than I remember taking a woman home after a night of drinking. As I sobered up, she looked older and older. Because I was already horny, I was up for it anyway. She kept declining to have sex. As I sobered up more, I noticed that she tasted off and smelled off too. I kicked her out. Since then, the thought of getting with an older woman is off putting to me. Once I detect an old woman smell, it doesn’t do it for me. Or maybe the older a woman is, the more off putting a smell can be and triple that if our immune systems are not compatible (i.e. different). Maybe postmenopausal women have a smell designed to deter men from wasting their time?

3. 27

This girl was one I met off of POF. She’s a short, lithe Brazilian Au Pair. I’d been talking to her off and on for two years but never got around to meeting up with her, either because I couldn’t make a date that she was free or the communication stopped.

We finally met up this year. We went to my favorite bar to play pool. I paid around $5 for the pool games while she bought the drinks – apple cider by Strongbow. Probably the first time I’ve had that drink despite seeing it all over the place in England when I lived there. Light touching occasionally through the night. We talk, we laugh, we play pool, I win.

I move to the bar next to it to see Karaoke. She buys more cider. It’s my turn to sing and I think I do a good job. Hard to tell because my memory is hazy. I just remember that her mouth felt softer than singing feels good.

We head in a cab and initially I think we’re going to her house. She stops us halfway.

“No! We can’t go to my house, we have to go to yours.”

Immediately I eat $20 to back track. It would have been a mere 10 minutes walk and free of charge. We walk gingerly up the stairs, but her high heels defeat our stealth with a clonk on each step.

We creep into a room with a bed and she takes off some of her clothes, though reluctant to take off a few choice garments. She moves my hand away a few times. I take a few licks of silver and tell her.

“I loved Brazil when I was there. They were so warm and welcoming. All I did was try to eat the food and try to speak Portuguese and try to play football volleyball and they accepted me. I was one of the team. I felt like I could belong and for the first time in a while, I felt like I was truly at home. And that’s why I like spending time with you. You remind me of a better time. You make me feel at home.”

Garment by garment, we find ourselves naked. She’s in possession of a thin waist and a lovely posterior. I’ve got butt one complaint of the evening – she was a little dry at times. I had to use a little lube, which in her end, was not a bad thing. It just seemed so strange that’d she be so dry so soon. At first I thought it was my skill – but the locomotion of her body combined with characteristic “Ai” muttered not softly enough aroused me too much to give much steam those negative thoughts. She smelled good enough – and though I’m sure she’s no innocent little Angel – with all factors weighed, I’ve come to the conclusion that her age had something to do with it. It was only momentary – but it popped in my head that were she younger, the night would more memorable for the warmth of her backside than one dry patch in the interaction.

The crux of the matter? If a woman at 27 is having these issues – women after 30 probably don’t have it any better. Those kinds of things just don’t get better with time.


* I told her it was hot and to take off her sweater. She complied. I told her it was still hot and to take off her shirt and she complied. With her in my lap in but a bra and clothing below the waste, nature did the rest.

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  2. I once made out with a woman that may have been 50-60. We got to kissing and immediately, I was revulsed. It just tasted rotten and wrong. I concluded that the taste would be the same kind of disgusting and told her I could not go farther.

    A day later, I remembered that she was a smoker. I concluded that that had been the issue.

    After reading this article, I am not so sure anymore. Yuck.

      • I think that sense of taste, smell, and other senses are extremely underrated topics of discussion on this side of the web.

        In your case (and mine), you literally tasted how much past her sell by date that woman was (like spoiled fruit).

        I think it’s also something to do with pheromones. In theory, our sense of taste would be nothing without our sense of smell. So I imagine to a younger man her pheromones would have her ‘taste’ one way, whereas to an older man than herself, she might have ‘tasted’ quite savory.

        Every day it seems I find more evidence that biology supports the idea of pairings between younger women and older men.


        P.S. Smoking probably also has something to do with it – the question is rather – to what degree?

        • Quite savory, haha!

          Well, I am 26, so that may explain some things.

          I am also very unexperienced with women, so this is hardly anything more than a case study.

          Still, I think we are on to something. Indeed, I can hardly remember the last time I read a blog post that mentioned smell or taste. Guess it is not alpha to talk about these things. Better be a good stud and ‘make it work’ down there.

          • I’m three years your junior, so I imagine I found all of this slightly before you did.

            Not to worry, you still have plenty of time to get the experience you want or need before the price of learning gets significantly higher. Get all of the hard and painful lessons out of the way now, if you can.

            Also – it may just be case study for now – but don’t discount it. Keep it in the back of your head. As you get more experience with women you will start to notice patterns, from which you divine quite a few things if you look at them from multiple angles.

            I think that a lot of guys miss out on sense of smell because they focus on more superficial things such as notches on their belt, collecting flags, or having sex in exotic locations with exotic women. Secondly, if a man just explores the topics of the blogs he reads, he’ll often miss out on coming to different conclusions for himself, some of which are more helpful for him than the stuff he reads. If you want to see more posts on smell, look for “The Deodorant Experiment” or “Shampoo” through my search bar at the top right (I may have forgotten to post on Shampoo, so I’ll search as well).

            Lastly, if you have time, take a look at my blog posts from the beginning (Nov 2011). You’ll get a look inside my head when I was just starting out, without the benefit of the experience and confidence I enjoy today.


            • Damn, that surprises me. Your writing reads very mature and unusually disillusioned, which is what makes me feel attracted to it.

              I will put that stuff up on my reading list, sounds interesting.

              Thanks and take care.

  3. Thanks men. I finally found out why I was in the manosphere; you guys have been doing my research for me.
    Please note my comment at: http://mariofavela.com/why-you-must-love-her-smell/#comment-3836
    and note that Egyptian doctors could identify the disease by smelling their patients.
    Please don’t choke on this; woman’s vagina is a fertile breeding ground for all kinds of nasty organisms produced from various cause including STD’s.
    Be careful.
    Note particularly that most true/natural aphrodisiac scents are anti-viral, anti-bacterial and anti-parasitic.

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