Updated 26. March 2015

About five years ago around this time, I discovered what’s now called the manosphere. Back then, it didn’t quite have a fixed name (it used to be called the Roissysphere for a time). It was a community of tight-night bloggers who wrote stories based off of their failures and fortunes.

Inspired by what I read, I made a blog of my own in the summer of 2011 but didn’t start writing until Jan 2012. I created my blog to talk about my own experiences and to talk to other bloggers. My thinking at the time went, if I wrote my own blog, I would have skin in the same game and other bloggers would feel comfortable conversing with me if I contacted them – I was after all, not just any person on the internet. I was Walderschmidt, the writer of Scar Tissue.

I joined forums. I commented on blogs. I contacted bloggers. I took notes. I reviewed people’s books for free (still receiving a free book in some cases).

Three years since then, I’ve published 237 articles, received comments 614, and have accrued 58,258 views.

My blog’s not been a success by conventional means – I’ve not written a magnum opus. I’ve not accrued a million views or comments. I don’t have thousands of followers or money in my bank from my endeavors (I don’t do affiliate or sell products).

I’ve enjoyed writing (when I’ve had time for it) for three years. I’ve gotten better at articulating my thoughts. I’ve met around 13 or more people from the manosphere. I’ve experienced a lot more success with women since I started reading the manosphere 5 years ago. That’s all I really wanted.

As of now, my blog functions as an online diary. I update it when I have the time and the inclination.

Old Section (16. Nov. 2011 – 1544 EST)

A couple years ago I started reading game online by chance. I started reading advice on how to game girls*. I was open – minded to it because I done badly enough at the dating game to realize that I didn’t know what I was doing. At the time I didn’t realize that it would change my life exponentially. Suddenly past mistakes with girls made sense. I was able to look back on my past objectively and learn from it. The best part is that I am only 19 and this is just the beginning.

Having discovered game, lived in three countries, and traveled to 26, I realize that there is so much for me to still learn. I have, therefore, created this blog to record my thoughts, relay what little experience I have, and to use as a platform to discuss these things with the manosphere (roissysphere?), that I may learn more from them and others.


*At the time I was preparing to fly to Brazil with two of my best friends. Naturally they hyped up the girls so I googled ‘Brazilian girls’ for ‘research’.

**Also – see this post.

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  1. That first paragraph sounds like me. Only I was older when that happened. Sounds like you are going to have a lot to teach one day.

  2. That’s funny, because I found the manosphere almost the exact same way. I was going to a house party that had some Brazilians, so I googled “how to pick up Brazilian girls” or something similar. That led me to find Roosh, then I found Roissy and just kept going deeper into the rabbit hole, and now I’m here..

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