Don’t Change Yer Hair I Says

A while back this year, sometime in either April or May, I had been talking to this charming, young lass, who lives in England. I had become acquainted with her through a pen-pal program, and was delighted to find she had a brain between her ears, such that conversation with her was almost good as she (I later discovered) looks.

Whilst discussing various topics with her, I’ve come onto a different way of arguing my points. It’s probably not new, but here’s a tame subject to demonstrate a little bit of what I mean.





















































































It’s hard for me to articulate how I argued here, so I’ll leave it by itself, with you to judge how things went and why.


A Short On Love

After a conversation with Ace, I’m starting to see things more¬†clearly on love.

The first thing to consider is that the woman does not love as a man does. She may love you now, today, at this moment, but not tomorrow. She may say “I love you” just to hear the same from your mouth. Perhaps, because then she knows she has you. And if she does truly love you, it is not for the things you, as man, may wish she loved you for. You are not likely to be loved for your honor, your honesty, or valor. More likely, how you make her feel, your confidence, your utility, will draw her love.

I dare you to ask a past love why you earned hers. The answer may haunt you.

Woman love you because they should – not because they can or want to. They love for what they wish to be loved for. It is no longer a surprise to me that women cannot understand men who do not appreciate being used.

While it may hurt to understand this – the pain fades. The lesson I believe you should take from this.

“Find a use for the woman – or she’ll find a use for you.”

I am at this point still not sure how to tell a woman that I love her. In some circles, it is acceptable to say, “I love you too”. In others, nothing less witty than “I know” will do. Or perhaps one should reframe, redirect, redraw attention to another area. Specifically not the topic of love. All, it seems, agree that one should not say “I love you” first, no matter the cost.

The thing I notice – is that the answers given to the question “What do I say when she tells me she loves me” center how it will affect the woman. I have yet to see anything deal with how it affects the man.

To that – I ask a question. Forget the woman in this equation – do you want to go your entire life without telling a woman you love her?