The Perfect Attitude

The Perfect Attitude

Dear Women,

jokes, like stereotypes usually have a kernel of truth. They’re also an effective way to communicate ideas and information, especially if said ideas and information is unpalatable under normal conditions.

The picture above is another good example of such a thing, though many woman who lack senses of humor may not find it educational, let alone funny.

What’s the kernel of truth? The attitude. It’s true – there’s no such thing as a perfect woman. But a great attitude can’t make up for a lot! Or add that extra sheen to the package deal, to help seal the deal.

The woman above? Her attitude is light-hearted and playful. It’s about pleasing him. It’s about loving a man despite his flaws, even finding them endearing. Loving the man as he is, not who you might wish he was.

The above woman is a woman who gives herself to a man, completely, without reservation or hesitation.

Of course, ladies – doing such a thing opens oneself up to the possibility of being hurt, if you choose the wrong man (and some of you do that on purpose!). That’s why in the past, there was no such thing as a boyfriend and that men and women were married off early.

You can’t just give yourself completely to any guy.

But you can still have the same mindset, just in a matter of degrees.

Besides, ladies. These days, you are learning as men have always known, how hard women are to please. Why not please your man? It’s a much simpler, more rewarding endeavor, I promise.



H/T for the image: Wimminz – Mind Your Language

My Artist’s Rendition: Female Privilege

Reader and fellow blogger, Aneroid Ocean, made a special request on my last post on Female Privilege:

Great idea. How about one about the shame word “creep?”

Like, “OMG this guy is sooooo creeeppyyy! with a disgusted scrunchy face with the second frame being “OMG this guy is SOOOOOO CUUUUTEE” with the two different guys only saying “hi” or something similarly innocuous. Even better if the good looking guy in the 2nd frame says something way creepier than the guy in the first frame.

I thought it was an intriguing idea and now oblige him, with one of my best works to date:


I hope you like it, good sir.


Female Privilege

I was reading M3’s blog post’s comments section and came across this comment by M3:

Thank you Alexa.

You are indeed correct, i’d get my face mashed if i yelled such contextually insane things to someone more massive than i. It’s female privilege that allows this kind of presumption on her part. You can actually see the insanity in her eyes.

After having spent 30+ years of my life being a white knight, beta orbiting, supportive, loving, husband and would be protector of women from harm.. if some strange women came up to me and started hurling accusations of me being a rape supporter.. would set me off the deep end.

This guy showed a resolve i would not be able to match.

To which I replied to him:

You know how victim’s group bitch about male/white/patriarchy privilege – we should make a female privilege meme.

Make fun of it to the point of absurdity.

What say you, M3?

Why don’t we do this, I wonder? Comedy is a great way to spread the truth and destroy lies. I wonder if anybody has any contacts in 4Chan that can make this a viral meme, if it isn’t already.

I’ll start it off….

Here is a page I found for female privilege memes and for the more academically minded of you, here’s a list by some page I just found.


Make’em Laugh

I was listening to a section of Chris Rock’s Kill the Messenger, where he cracks jokes about Racism, Work, and the differences between Men and Women. I was listening to him talk about the differences between Men and Women and his major concepts were that women can never go back in lifestyle and men can never go back sexually.

That is to say, if after a woman dates her first boyfriend with a car, every other man she dates better have a car. When a man gets his first blow job, every other girl better be willing to give him a blow job. Otherwise, her ass is going to get kicked to the curb.

It seems like comedy is the best way to get across differences and politically un-correct things. People laugh and admit what they know to be true. My mom laughed as she listened to this with me in the car.

Take a look.