Songs of my Childhood Part 1

I think that if you get to know someone’s musical tastes and when they had them, you get a more complete picture of who they are than otherwise. A lot of the time, one’s music tastes are inherited, passed down, or absorbed through osmosis. So I think it’s worth to take a look at the music you grew up, for it may have had an effect on you on the subconscious level. With hindsight, experience, and a little understanding – you can see any themes, whether through what the singer says, how she sings, or the general vibe of the music serve to leave their mark on you in one way or another.

So with that – I leave you a snippet of the music of my childhood; the album L’Instant d’après by Natasha St. Pier, a woman whose voice is so sultry I’d have sex with it. This very album (and a few others I’ll share later) carried me across France from 2000-2006. I remember going from Chateau to Chateau, climbing up and down them with my sister and also being very bored.

Often my sister and I’d ask “Are we there yet? Are we there yet?

Five more minutes” was the usual reply (usually spaced about 30-60 minutes apart).


My father often told me:

“You’ll appreciate this one day.”

Damn was he ever correct. I only wish my appreciation came to fruition 15 years ago.