On the Current Social Dynamics of the Manosphere

I’ve seen much status whoring, attention whoring, highschool popularity contest whoring, bitching, moaning, and jockeying in the manosphere, in addition to quality content put out. Just as I’ve seen bloggers rise and fall from obscurity – I’ve seen cliques do the same.

I’ve also seen much discussion regarding said “jockeying, moaning, and etc” ranging from outright bitching to frustrated consternation. Some people express surprise at the formation of cliques – others express disappointment. Explanations regarding this behavior and the schisms caused by it are limited.

Therefore – I posit my own thoughts for review:

1. If one holds it to be true, that society actively discourages the formation of men only groups and seeks to break up said groups by adding injections of estrogen to the mix – then one could also hold that most men today are not used to being part of a male only organization. Therefore, one could also reasonably assert that they are not sure how to properly act in a situation – doing the same things they did socially when in mixed groups.

2. If you think about how there are women in the manosphere such as Sunshine Mary and Red Pill Wifey (oft referred to as the groupie-sphere) – then the manosphere is a good as a mixed group. Thus, the jockeying, formation of cliques, and a less single-minded purpose in the search for truth in all things.