A Forgotten Lesson of the Camera Whore

The same year (10th grade) of my second major fail, I had one of my first experiences with the power of eye contact. Unfortunately, I was still learning about the whole girl/guy game (before game) and was unable to capitalize on my inadvertent success.

In the 9th grade class, there was this cute Spanish girl. My only contact with her in the first semester was on Facebook, as the multitude of pictures she took at ninth grade parties invaded my feed. I learned that she didn’t smoke or drink, but would go to parties and take picture after picture after picture.

I looked through these pictures, curious as I was, until I came across a picture of the party’s host making out with her boyfriend.

I commented starting a conversation (interspersed with comments from others of course) that looked something like this (her comments are in italics):

Have you no shame, [redacted]? lol


noo she took my camera and took the picture.. and asked me to upload it 🙂

How does that work again? She took your camera, took a picture of herself making out with her boyfriend at a rather fiendish angle, and then begged you to put it up?
Sounds a bit sketchy to me, but then again, I wasn’t at the party. 😛

haha no i ment [random girl] took it. and took the picture.. and [party girl host] asked me to put it up … sorta

Oh ok. I understand now…sorta

I believe I had another conversation on Facebook chat with her that she started. I think she tried to her explain herself and I simply laughed and called her a ‘Camera Whore’. Interestingly enough, I never bothered to really check out this girls profile to see what her deal was.  After that, I did not talk to Camera Whore until the next semester in January.

At first, I did not talk to Camera Whore. In fact, I would see her walking around school randomly, but didn’t recognize her at the time. All that was going on in my was that I kept seeing a cute girl now and then, and I liked it. I made a point to get a good look at her every time I did. I automatically started looking in her eyes every time. At first, she would just stare into my eyes as she walked by. Then the next few times she passed me, she would smile as she stared into my eyes. And I would smile back. This continued for days.

Finally one day, she passed me in the hall way and touched my arm, “Hey!”

At the time I didn’t recognize that move was an indicator of interest, but I did become better friends with the Camera Whore. It turned out that she was one of the prettiest girls in the school. We hung out a little more and more as the days went by, and a dance was coming up. To this day I believe I could have gotten her. But I messed that up when I started dating a different girl, who was a sure thing, as I was still getting over Delight. This girl also happened to be the Camera Whore’s less attractive, best friend. When I realized my mistake, it was too late, but I shall explain that story another time.

The lesson to me here, is that good eye contact, is very helpful if done right. It is a covert way of showing interest (or piquing theirs) to a girl, even though it is as clear as day to her.


P.S. Looking back at my little conversation, I shudder at the smiley’s I used, but the overall teasing was spot on I think.