When She Slaps You

The other night, walking to my friends house from Russian club, I invited a freshman girl to join us in a night of drinking and smoking (shisha). I’d known her for about a month and had a few interesting conversations. Besides one red flag about her parents, her views seemed slightly sympathetic to mine so I thought nothing of the invite, except whether my host would mind. Because this girl was a mutual friend of ours I figured it was fine.

I arrived with her and made myself a drink. She took up the whole couch and when she didn’t move, I contented myself by making a seat out of her stomach. My host, a junior, kept asking me in French:

C’est quoi ca?

And I’d always reply back to her with:

C’est rien.

The freshman I was sitting on wasn’t ugly, but she was a little pudgy. Her face was cute enough with sizeable tits but I was more interested in her freshmen friends. I had no intentions other than a platonic friendship. When she got up and then placed herself under my left arm, I could tell that maybe she thinks differently. No matter.

My best friend joined us that evening and proceeded to join in with drinking and smoking.

For some reason we were talking and then the freshman girl slapped me, softly. I slapped her back, with only a little force. She slapped me a second time and I stared her in the eyes.

“I’ll slap you again…” she says.

“I’ll slap you harder…,” I reply, “are you sure you want to play this game.”

“Oh you’re serious…I’m sorry.”

I walked up to make myself a drink and then sat back down, a little solemn. Soon after she left in order to “rescue her friend from boredom”. And the night’s merriment continued without delay. Eventually, my friend and I left to get back to barracks. He told me that he agreed with what I did and he didn’t know why I even invited the girl back to the Kremlin (name of our hangout) in the first place. He could tell she was trouble right from the start he said. On our way back we bumped into that very same freshman girl and her asian friend. She informed me that this was the friend who was visiting her in the same town in which I reside. Alcohol had started to take its toll on my mind, so I can’t remember if she was good looking or just plain.

I stumbled back into my room, played some chess, and passed out.

The next morning I got a text at 0757hrs:

Sorry for slapping you yesterday…

I replied at 1441hrs:

Don’t let it happen again and we’ll get along fine.

I’m not a fan of people touching my face; even girlfriends learn to do it certain way. I have zero tolerance for slapping, joking or otherwise. I always make it clear that I am perfectly willing to retaliate with full force. Thankfully, I’ve never had to exercise my “belief” in equality.


On Slapping Women

I read Jean-Luc LeGame‘s posts on slapping women a while back and was intrigued by his conclusion that women respond positively to being slapped.

Through personal experience, I could see how girls would enjoy being slapped on the ass but I could not wrap my head around how they would enjoy getting slapped in the face.

I was raised to never hit girls and so even the idea of slapping a girl on the ass used to be a stretch for me. Luckily I got over that, but I always imagined I would receive the worst in retaliation if I ever slapped a girl in the face.

I tried nonetheless to buck my programming and took up the attitude that I believe in equality. That is to say, if a bitch slapped me, I’d slap her right back. Hard. Even alluding to that belief has helped me with girls. Still, I was afraid that one day I’d have to face the music and actually slap a girl to put her back in line. I was afraid that when that moment came, I would be unable to do it and I would be exposed as a pussy.

However, when the time came, it wasn’t as bad as I thought it would be. In fact, it was exciting.

When I was in Germany, there was a girl I met who I hooked up with after two days. I could tell she liked me when I first met her because she touched me a lot, asked me a lot of personal questions, and punched my arm lightly when I made jokes. A week later, when she came over to “watch” Two and Half Men, she slapped me in the face as a joke and I promptly slapped her back. It was a light slap, but she looked at me with what I can only describe as a mixture of shock and arousal. Her mouth was open and she was wide-eyed.

“Why did you do that? You should never hit a girl.”

“Why did you slap me? You slap me, I slap you back.”

‘But I am a girl, you shouldn’t hit girls.”

“Bullshit. You guys fought for equality and now you got it. Deal with it.”

“I don’t want you to ever hit me again.”

“Then don’t slap me, because that’s what you get.”

Next thing I know she is getting cuddly with me and tells me she can’t have sex with me for a week. At first I didn’t get the hint and called shenanigans. When I finally understood, I told her she had nice big lips. She told me that was the first compliment I ever gave her. I then told her that I thought her big lips would look nice, wrapped around my cock. She agreed.

Moral of the story?

Get a back bone and slap your women.


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