First Approaches in January

I have read many a game blog and asked many a friend for advice and one of the things they all advise to do is to approach, approach, and approach some more.

Yesterday, and today, while using the DC metro system, I approached random girls, with no intent other than to chat. All my openers were situational. I was surprised at how easy it was open these women and just talk to them.

1. A woman in her late twenties early thirties

(because I don’t remember the conversation here is the basic gist)

I noticed that the metro train would not arrive for 20 minutes. Not accustomed to this, I wondered aloud if they were always like this “Do trains always take this long” in the direction of the woman. We discussed the merits of American public transportation, where I learned that she studied in Lisbon, Portugual and she learned that I had lived overseas for 12 years in Paris, France and London, England. I learned that she was an anthropologist who studied in Africa and joked about the language where Africans have an “!” in their names that one pronounces as a click (the clicking noise you make when your tongue goes from the roof of your mouth to the bottom). When the train arrived, I said “nice to meet you” and took my seat.

2.  A woman in her late thirties

This woman was wearing a tank top, had expensive looking earrings, and had a VIP wristband around her arm.

“So what do you have to do to be a VIP besides wear that wristband and those earrings.”

The vague gist of the conversation was that talked about learning languages, the Euro zone, Germany, Russia, and how I planned out my future. It was a pleasant conversation.

3. Two Austrian Au-Pairs

I heard these two girls talking in German and so I took the opportunity to practice my German. I asked them where they were from and why they were in my country, how they were liking it in the U.S.. I learned that they were two babysitters here to “learn English, see America, and have fun”. I switched between German and English because I would get to a point where the sentences I was trying to construct were too complex. Apparently I had a French accent while speaking German (that’s the first time I have heard that) I talked with them until we got to the train stop and walked up the stairs. I learned that they lived not too far from but didn’t make an effort to get a number or a name. I didn’t care.

What’s my point? What did I learn today?

When you want to approach girls and talk to them during the day (day game), don’t think about it, just say something.


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