A Change in Attitude and the Soft Catalogue

I’ve noticed a little change in my thinking this year. When I first got to my school – my thought was no messing with the girls here. Get caught messing around on campus, one could get suspended and or lose privileges. If you’re especially unlucky, the lass may elect to save herself – by throwing you under the bus with a false accusation.

One girl, who is (thankfully) no longer here, apparently gave in north of forty names in order to save her own bacon.

I thought my attitude would never change – but now my attitude has changed to “Opposed to Dating, not fucking”. This must be due to lack of options (got a girl in hometown – but nothing to write home about). In theory dating here leads to complications with school life and fucking should not – but because I know more now, I know that fucking can do the same thing if you are not careful or don’t know what you’re doing.

Now I walk around constantly, subconsciously editing a soft catalogue (probably nothing new to anbody in the manosphere) of girls of interest. I took up this habit to get over a girl I liked in high school quicker (replace dead/defective puppy with more/better puppies).

What I mean is that I am making snap judgement on who I would bang and monitoring interactions with them in my head. Nothing is on purpose per say – but my brain seems to be preparing myself to seize upon opportunities as they present themselves. I’m sure this is how many a player runs into trouble – he shits where he eats because he’s still in the “getting experience” stage.

Now in my situation – dating is looked down upon by a lot of the corps. It is also can present hazard if you date someone in a position of power, or you are someone in a position of power yourself. You got to navigate bureaucracy, the social climate, and the human condition itself. The best way to win the game is to not play and go for girls outside of school.

The part that makes things interesting is that I  am completely aware of all the pieces that affect the picture – both red pill and blue.

The question is, do I play the game because I know the complete picture in terms of risks? Or do my damnedest to keep out of the game because I know what’s at stake if I get short straw on the losing end.

In the meantime – the soft catalogue hums along.


2 thoughts on “A Change in Attitude and the Soft Catalogue

  1. I shat where I ate, unsuccessfully. Came onto a girl, got rejected, then the climate was pretty fucked up at work. Not really worth it, at least as a beginner.

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