My Artist’s Rendition: Female Privilege

Reader and fellow blogger, Aneroid Ocean, made a special request on my last post on Female Privilege:

Great idea. How about one about the shame word “creep?”

Like, “OMG this guy is sooooo creeeppyyy! with a disgusted scrunchy face with the second frame being “OMG this guy is SOOOOOO CUUUUTEE” with the two different guys only saying “hi” or something similarly innocuous. Even better if the good looking guy in the 2nd frame says something way creepier than the guy in the first frame.

I thought it was an intriguing idea and now oblige him, with one of my best works to date:


I hope you like it, good sir.


8 thoughts on “My Artist’s Rendition: Female Privilege

  1. Being physically attractive allows greater leeway for people to be dicks/bitches and get away with their behavior.

    It’s also a form of a micro expression in the mind. It shows revulsion and being repulsed at the thought of mating with someone perceived to be lower value in mating hierarchy.

    Guys will tolerate being LJBF to a hot girl, they wouldn’t even think twice with a fat ugly girl. Girls will tolerate real misogyny and being humiliated being with the hawt RockBandDrummer but they won’t tolerate the thought of being in a situation that might lead to sex with ‘creepy’ nerd guy.

    Specifically, that coffee/elevatorgate meme.. with Skepchic/Watson whatever her name is. She got ‘creeped’ out because this random stranger asked her a simple question she perceived would lead to a situation that might lead to sex.

    I’m sure if it was Brad Pitt or Gerard Butler or Hugh Jackman asking her the same question, same time and place in sexy smooth voice.. she be curling her hair around her finger and creating a puddle of vaginal juice by her ankles.

    • Exactly.

      Better looking people get away with more things. It’s one of the reasons why common advice to get started is to update your wardrobe.

      Not only do you look better right away, but you know this, and feel better and more confident as a result. People see how good you look and confident you feel and respond more positively to you.

      It’s a feedback loop.

      I had to make fun of Skepchick. Couldn’t find her article, otherwise I would have copied and pasted her ugly mug over the stick figure face.

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