Be a Phase in Her Life

If you want to make an impact on a girl, or develop a deeper connection with, a la deep conversion, as spoken about by Krauser and Xsplat, you should strive to become a phase of her life. Some of you may discount this idea and disparage its transient nature and argue that one should strive to be more permanent. While those arguments hold value, they miss the forest for the trees. The idea is that one sees phases of life everywhere. Everyone has that friend that listens to different music in different phases of his life. Sure, he eventually moves on to a new genre or band, but he never forgets that music he listened to or how it made him feel. Listening to that music is now a part of him and nothing can take that away from him.

Girls often have a friend who goes through boyfriends like an incontinent goes through toilet paper. Another friend goes through a slower, serial monogamy. One boyfriend after another. But they never really forget all the boyfriends they had. What they learned with each boyfriend and felt will be with them forever.

For those men suspiscious of the example with the girls, think of yourself, or a friend who is going through or has went through oneitis. You want to do that with a girl.

How do you do that?

You do that without thinking by having a special song. You listen to a certain song, album, or kind of music while spending time together (read: fucking). Hearing this music will bring out memories of time together and if you listened to a certain song while fucking (or right before), it can also get you horny.

You do this to yourself by listening to certain music during certain phases of your life. For example, I listened to a lot of Rammstein during high school and when I hear it I remember trying to sing along to the songs and adopt the singer’s vocal mannerisms to improve my German. I also remember giving myself homework assignments analyzing their songs and trying to come up with German poems that I could submit to the band with the intent that they’d make my poems into songs.

You take an experience and make it have such emotional traction that a woman will be reminded of it by various things through the rest of her years. The best way I can describe it – if you’ve ever felt oneitis for a girl, damn nearly everything reminded of her or an interaction with her in some way.

More on this later.


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