Why I Do Not Make Posts on Government

A lot of manosphere blogs discuss government and the various injustices purveyed by the ‘just-us’ system. Sometimes one might find an honest journalist who is doing his job.

While I am an avid reader on these issues, to keep myself informed, I do not blog about them. Reflecting on this fact, I wonder why I do not do this and I have found that I have a multitude of reasons to do so.

Despite my many strong opinions, I find myself not being able to fully articulate what I believe or why I believe it. Often when I comment about politics online I can have a reasonable discussion, mostly with red pill people, who know the whole story when I speak and liberally sprinkle the conversation with manosphere terms, themes, and tropes. When I speak in public, I immediately regret it. I feel like I cannot adequately explain myself because I must explain the whole story and convince my audience of things I hold self-evident to explain my point. Secondly, when I think about where I get most of my political data, I get it from blogs. While I do trust these blogs and the manosphere to be legitimate sources, the fact remains that I am still getting my information second hand soures and am not pouring over data or deciphering political editorials myself. Therefore, I do not consider myself credible enough to engage in serious political debate. For all the disgust I have of feminists and so-called “liberals” of today, engaging in circle-jerks, intellectual masturbation, and drinking each other’s political brand of koolaide or haterade, I pretty much do the same think. Yikes!

The second reason I do not speak on government issues, is that I believe that it does not benefit me much. That is to say, there are people like Bill Powell or Keoni Galt who have already been speaking the subject longer than I would have and do a better job than I would do anyway. Speaking on government, I imagine, would therefore not bring me a larger audience I think. Speaking on government will not improve my life. At least, I neither am in a position nor do I have the means to do much about the problem that is government. I can do what I can protect myself against government policy, but even that is mostly common sense and keeping my opinion to myself when it is prudent to do so. I am better qualified to speak on game, and even then I am not that qualified, yet. The point is, speaking about game and working on that actively improves my life whereas highlighting the faults of government consumes time. Lots and lots of time. The last thing I want to become, with my addictive personality, is a man consumed by speaking on government. I know myself. I could easily become the spooked shadow of his former self, searching for government conspiracy and see the Illuminati everywhere I look. This is not to bash on those people who do speak on government, or their views, this is simply knowing myself.

However, while we’re on the topic of government, does the Christopher Dorner episode remind anyone of the movie, Law Abiding Citizen?


9 thoughts on “Why I Do Not Make Posts on Government

    • I chose that version of of the theatrical poster for a reason.

      I didn’t think about that until recently. I wonder what other movies I have overlooked in early 2000 are called.

  1. I like your writings on game, they are quite unique in ways we already discussed.

    I feel the way you do about politics. Waste of time. Fighting a revolution would be exciting, but even then I would leave the lawmaking to others. As long as they do not piss me of, that is.

    • I missed this comment. I wonder how many other ones I have missed, given that you’ve posted 200+ comments on my blog.

      Agreed about the revolution part with exception of making the laws. I’d have a hand in their creation for the simple reason that I’d know I’d have to live under them later.


      • Ah. I supposed you did not find them interesting enough to engage.

        I wrote that comment about three months ago and these days, I think I would hate fighting. As for the laws, I would prefer for it to be as lawless as possible. Let people solve their business with each other.

        • There’s maybe one or two posts where I had nothing to say in response. Otherwise, I didn’t have a good response for a post (couldn’t think of a good one at the time) or I genuinely missed it.

          Lately – I’ve just completely neglected my blog – been neglecting it since 19 November 2015, to be honest.

          I’m trying to make a comeback and breathe more life into this thing.

          I’ve got my shameless rip off of your “Random Facts About Tom Arrow” schedule for tomorrow, for example.

          Hope you’ve been well.


          • Then you might want to browse through your articles on a random boring evening.

            I noticed you wrote less. But do not make yourself upset over it, just keep going in your own tempo.

            Looking forward to the rip-off of the rip-off.

            I have never been as miserable as in the past 30 days, to be frank. Got into a fight with a cop and got put into the mental hospital where they simply diagnosed me with psychosis and put me on meds after 4 days of full-body restraints. I hope to get out next week.

            That said, I hope you have been better than me.

            • Tonight seems like a good night to do that.

              I’m upset with myself over a lot of things – that’s just one of many.

              I hear you. Past 27 days have been pretty bad, though admittedly not all the time. Can’t say my situation is as bad as yours, but I’m glad you’re still able to post and communicate.

              Hope you get out soon.


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