So – I’ve been texting on and off for a little over a month. We haven’t had a chance to hang out because of our schedules but now that I’m out for summer break, I’ve been texting her again. She tried to flake on me and I used a line I first saw on [Redacted]. Then I had a conversation I’d never thought I’d experience.


Me: Monday may be a possibility! When would you be free? (15:27)


Her: Probably more towards evening time would be best. (02:11)


Me: I’m free tomorrow [Monday] (22:11)

Her: What do you wanna do? (23:30)

Me: Play pool at my favorite bar. (23:30)


Her: What bar? (01:00)

Me: [Bar X] (01:01)

Her: Do you know any bartenders there? (01:02)

Me: Yep. Most of them. (01:04)

Me: What time do you get out? (14:17)

Me: My phone has been dead – if you sent me any texts today – resend them. (16:01)

Me: When do you get off work? (20:44)

Her: Sorry I was just asking cuz I’m not 21 yet but I’m actually off tonight. (21:05)

Me: I think you’d get in – there should not be any security tonight. (21:06)

Me: I’m going to buy groceries and cook myself dinner. Should be free afterwards. (21:08)

Her: Idk if I’ll be able to come out tonight, it’s getting pretty late and I still have to go to the gym 🙁 (21:16)

Me: Unsubscribe.

Her: Haha wow okay (21:29)

Me: (21:37)

Her: That’s pretty douchey (21:47)

Me: Saying you’re free Monday, texting late to set up plans, and then at last minute saying idk if I’m gonna come is also poor etiquette. (21:50)

Her: I get that, you should also understand how scattered and unorganized my schedule is due to my job. But since we’re being honest, I guess I could’ve made more of an effort but the fact that you’re rarely here because of school (which I was unaware of when we first began talking) has me unmotivated [sic] to get out of my way to meet up with you because really, nothing could come of it. (21:59)

Her: I suppose I should’ve said something sooner, so I’m sorry for wasting your time. (21:59)

Me: Because of your candid response, I accept your apology. (22:05)

Her: Thanks, I hope you understand where I’m coming from. It has nothing to do with you, you seem like a great guy. (22:08)

Me: I do. Because of going to military school – my schedule is often frantic and scattered – like yours. (22:09)

Me: If you’d still like to hang out, now that I’m home for the summer – let me know when you’re free. If not – nice talking to you. (22:11)

Her: I will, and I know my flakiness can be pretty upsetting so I won’t attempt to make plans with you unless I know I can definitely follow through from now on. Just to get an idea, what does your schedule typically look like week by week? (22:16)

I don’t have high hopes or expect anything. For those who wish to point out that I probably won’t get laid, I’d point out that you’re missing the bigger picture.


13 thoughts on “Unsubscribe

  1. Hey man good article I hope you start writing again soon. I would have been less wordy after the unsubscribe jk. You had her going no need to type a novel. My angle would have been I’m coming over be ready. Dread game

    • I think you jump to conclusions a little too quickly. There’s more to the story than what’s printed on the screen.

      Secondly – which text of mine which you call a novel?

      If you look at the ratio of words in her texts and mine, I think you’d see it differently.


      (Thanks for the compliment – I’ll be back soon)

    • F&F,

      1. I don’t always follow that ironclad rule of waiting the exact time the girl takes to reply or twice it or longer.

      I vary my response depending on the girl, how I know, and other variables.

      I even vary my response times just because – I act in the spirit of that school of thought on texting – not to the letter.

      2. You assume I don’t know what it means when she’s taking an entire day to text back. In this text conversation, I had the added benefit of why she wasn’t that interested in the first place.

      3. The part of the story you miss that her text times vary – sometimes she takes a day – sometimes she replies instantly (Skinner’s box comes to mind, eh?). Clearly makes for a bad horse to bet on. I texted her everyone now and then just because – you never know.

      I eventually met up with her and had a good time.

      4. I think you miss the point of the conversation – I bolded all the words I wanted everyone to pay attention to. She apologized – and explained herself – something most girls never have the decency to do. I thought that was noteworthy, so I posted it.

      I never expected anything like an apology, let alone a further response. I expected “unsubscribe” to be the end of the interaction.


    • Generally agree. What was notable about this case was that she made good upon making up for her flakiness. A rarity. An exception.

      A pleasant surprise.


      • Does the phrase ‘make good’ mean that she actually met up with you then? That surprises me. The consensus seems to be that asshole game is superior. Although my wish to be an asshole is more due to my experiences and character.

        • She did. I kissed her at the end.

          It didn’t continue because I broke my phone and subsequently lost her number and all means of contacting her.

          Such is life.

          The biggest thing with flakes, in my mind, is not wasting any further time. Girls who respect and value your time are worth. Girls who don’t, aren’t.


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