Book Review: SJWs Always Lie

Book Review SJWs Always LieI’ve bought six copies of SJWs Always Lie.

I lost one copy, bought one to replace it. Gave that copy to my roommate. Bought a copy for my best friend. Bought a copy for my sister as a Christmas gift, now that she’s been promoted to management. I was reading this book during a break in training and one of the guys in my training platoon inquired about the book. I asked him if he knew anyone who was immune to reason and or got offended as if it were their job. Bought him a copy too. There was a man who worked at the Subaru dealership that serviced my car. He had a bowl of nuts in his hands and asked one of his co-workers if he wanted some of “his nuts”. As I laughed quietly to myself and smiled, he noticed my expression a look of horror and disappointment flashed across his face as he fled the scene. I tracked him down to tell him not to fret, for I found the joke funny. I bought him a copy as well.

You see, SJWs Always Lie, is probably the most revolutionary book of 2015. The PC Police are grating on everyone and you can find a sympathetic ear within anyone who’s had an uncomfortable brush with any kind of those holier than thou types, we call SJW.

SJWS Always Lie is a gateway drug, that could potentially lead an unsuspecting reader to discover a whole host of paradigm shifting ideas. It uses readily google-able examples such as Brendan Eich, noble prize winner Tim Hunt, and a few others to demonstrate what happens when one runs afoul of SJWs, intentionally or not. This quickly gets attention.

Vox Day tells you what an SJW is, why you should care, how to identify them, how they operate, and how to deal with them. He gives you a step by step guide of what to do and what not to do. If you wish to survive under the watchful eye of HR in today’s jungle of the working world, this book is a must read.

Get one of these for yourself and your mates here.

Set them free.


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