Random Thoughts: Biology is Not Racist

I recently saw this tweet:

Which was in response toĀ ScarletLetter’s tweet below.

And I thought about it. People make arguments about how the races are biologically different and therefore more susceptible to different diseases, for example, how blacks tend to be more vulnerable to developing sickle cell anemia. Ā But surely there’s more to biological differences than just that…

Anonymous Conservative, with his theory of r/K selection posits that biological differences account for differences in political leanings, even within the same race.

What if genetics have a say on much more? Class? Low class? Upper class? Happiness or misery? Melancholy or whininess?

It makes sense to me that Christianity appeals to people, for the concept of redemption.

It also makes sense to me that biological realities are anathema to some people because they’re condemned with their lot in life. They just won’t change. And people will recognize that and give them that which they deserve.

In my mind, the idea of racial differences and biological differences is not what is truly scary to some people. It’s implications of such beyond what you first see. Cats that you can’t stuff back in the bag.


Random Thoughts #3

Before I take the time to write a proper wrap of my #NoNothingNovember, I’ll include this brief thought I had from a conversation I had with my best friend last night.

As you may recall, I once wrote a post on Sisyphus and the human condition.

“…to be human is to struggle. Life is struggle”

When I was talking with my buddy, conversation turned to that theme again and I said:

Humans need a mountain to climb. For men, that mountain is accomplishment, accolades, and other achievements. For women, the mountain is you. Don’t give them a peak.

To clarify what I mean you could go back and refer to what I said further, in my Sisyphus post:

Inertia is death…

Why would a man wish for a neverending mountain? Becauseā€¦at the top of the mountain, itā€™s nothing but downhill from there.

But there’s a man who’s said it better than I – for, though he uses more words saying it in the long form, a certain nuance is made apparent; and that nuance might make all the difference. But I want you to focus on a specific part – which commenter Earl pontificates upon.

Ace - P23-02-2014 Comment by Earl

After reading his post for the third or fourth time; after my thoughts writing this post and my thoughts reading his post coalesced; I posted this comment.

Upon further reflection, I think the issue is that one cannot be “satisfied” with a women in a relationship, especially if she is “the one”. For the day you are satisfied is the day she is not.

Satisfaction is the peak from which she can only see downhill.

The higher value the man, the steeper the climb.

The less secure the man, the steep the descent.

And the more “game” a man has, the steeper he can make the ascent, the more gradual he can make the descent, and perhaps he might be able to convince her to make one more trip back up, for a better look at the view if he finds her on the way back down.

I don’t think I have it completely correct. I might not even be close. I am, however, getting closer.


ThisĀ concept and the one explored in this post areĀ related. But how and to what extent?

English translation of the lyrics.

Random Thoughts #2

Every now and then I have random thoughts which I think I should really write down.

So here’s round two:

I was thinking about sitting down in class at university and how apathetic about my studies I was. Then I thought about moving around. Walking. Why didn’t I just run everywhere? If I did, I would get places faster and surely be able to run faster and farther than before.

Then it hit me.

People complain about obesity in kids these days. I remember reading about tips on “avoiding a sedentary lifestyle” when I was in high school in England. But all of that’s bullshit.

It’s schools, man! Kids go to school and sit on their asses for 8 hours straight. That’s 5 days a week, 36 (roughly) weeks out of the year, for 12 goddamn years. Then at college, you get to pay for the privilege of sitting on your ass for 4 more years. It’s no wonder that so many kids skip classes to go drinking, to sleep, to do anything other than sit down and pretend to care about the memorization of bullshit.

No wonder kids are conditioned to sit around all day and do nothing. Heck, I hear schools nowadays are even getting rid of recess. People forget that kids have tons of energy and drug them when they find that those poor little guys have trouble sitting still.