Thoughts: Quick and Dirty

Several short thoughts:

1) If a girl challenges you to a drinking contest in a bar and you only met her that day, she’s challenging your ego to distract you from the fact that she just wants you to buy her a drink. It’s a bait and switch and a rookie mistake to make.

If a girl challenges you to a drinking contest and you actually want to go through with it, make her buy the first round. If she declines, you can either tell her to “put her money where her mouth is” or call her out.

2) One new goal of mine. I want to get to the point where I don’t tell people how well a girl fucks, sucks, cooks, cleans, or takes care of me because I consider it normal and expect it.


Addendum: Proper Networking

I was reading Matt the Unlucky Devil’s post the other week and thought I could add a thing or two to his points.

I commented:

Example for Post

I thought I’d just elaborate on that further. I started blogging so I could talk to other bloggers and meet up with them if logistics permitted. Because I had a blog, I was not just some random commenter. I have skin in the game.  I’ve met about 7 or 9 people off the RVF and have met several bloggers who were near my place of residence at one point. In addition, I regularly call or text many more.

So I did follow the advice that Matt gave three years ago. I commented on blogs I liked and told them what I like about the blog or commented on the post. Whenever a blogger replied to my comment, I usually emailed them through their contact page. Usually I’d introduce myself as Wald, writer of and then would ask a short question – either advice on doing something they did, how they came to a conclusion on a blog post, or just ask how they’re doing and say I hope they keep writing.

I’m not saying spam people and email everything single blog you see, I’m saying do this for blogs you really like.

Eventually, when you correspond enough, you and the other blogger figure out that you’re both cool guys.You might link to his blog and he might link to yours. He might offer help in an area of his expertise and you yours. What I am saying?

You should network because you want to make new friends and learn a new thing or two. The collateral goodness of getting linked to, books to review for free, is only a side benefit of making a friend with whom you can discuss just about anything with more of an open mind than most people you’d find on the street or in some cases even your own house.


P.S. People on this side of the moon prefer their privacy if they’re anonymous and probably have had weird haters or stalkers if they aren’t. Keep your messages simple (Hey – I’m so and so and I think your work is such and such. Signed, my name). If you want to get to know these guys in person, the onus is on you to reveal who you are first. Provide your skype/number/name/other first before you ask for the other blogger’s information)

Trouble’s Cracking OKCupid is the Next Level

Recently, Kyle at This is Trouble released his new book, Cracking OKCupid.

He was kind enough to provide me with a review copy ahead of time, so I’d like to offer my two cents:

One of the first things I noticed about the book is there is a bullet point list of the main ideas of each chapter. It’s like skipping cut scenes in video games. Veterans of online game can skip ahead to the actionable advice and get started on applying soon not more than 5 or 10 minutes of reading the book. The novices, however, can still read the chapters as normal to see the “why” behind each main point so they truly understand what is going on. This makes the book accessible to all levels in game, something which is hard to do with these kinds of books.

Another thing that stood out to me was the suggestion to create a fake female profile to assess the competition. I made such a profile. I took about 10 minutes to find some obscure slavic model so that the average American man would be none the wiser even with a minimum amount of ‘Google Fu’. Model Mayhem provided me with Elmira Krakota and my imagination of a good red pill woman filled out the rest of the profile.

This is the profile after 5 hours.

decemberist1825Unfortunately, OKC banned me and my fake account (you can’t have more than one account on there) before I could take pictures of messaged from OKC. So here are a few samples from my email.

EK R 1 EK R 2 EK R 3 EK R 4 EK R 5 EK R 6

As you can see, the competition is not exactly fierce. The last time I looked at my fake account, she had 172 messages, over 600 visitors, and over 500 likes. Take that for what you will.

Thirdly, the book is comprehensive without going overboard. Kyle takes you through setting up your profile (every option is talked about), to giving you openers, to even giving advice on the initial meet up. However, rather than just giving you a fish for the day, Kyle teaches you how to fish. That is to say, he doesn’t give you that many openers, but explains the ones he does give. The point is not for you to pay for a bunch of canned openers and replies so much as to teach you the principles of a proper opener and witty replies so that you can make up your own and carry yourself forward instead of referring back to this book every time you get  message. That said, Kyle does not insult your intelligence by launching into too much detail about how you conduct yourself on the dates – he only addresses areas specific to the online dating world that might affect your date(s).

Cracking OKCupid is an absolute pleasure to read with some unintentional humor to go with good advice. I recommend you buy the book without reservation or bias*.

To Long/Didn’t Read?

At page 76 of 109, I already knew that this book was worth $20. If you want to bring your online game to the next level as a novice or intermediate, or tweak your game in ways you may not have thought of as advanced, you should buy this book.


*I do not receive a commission on the book, for I do not use affiliate links. The links refer you to Kyle’s page.

Family is Different

On the way back home, in the back of my father’s car, he told me the rest of a story he could not include in his speech at the reception, following TAPs and the internment of the urn at the funeral.

“When I was younger, around seven years old, I got my first look at what family looks like.

We [my Dad and his family] had just moved to a new neighborhood. Your aunt Minny and I, ran around the town and went through the woods exploring. We came up on a house where the basement was slightly above ground level and there was a window through which you could see in. I saw a girl inside and tapped on the window.

Now – at the time, there was thief on the loose in town who had been at large for several months. The girl inside the house screamed for her dad and seconds later the front door of that house burst open. Your Aunt Minny bolted straight for home. Now she’d probably tell you today that she was smarter than I was and figured out what that noise probably was. I however, stuck around, figuring that I had done no wrong and would figure things out or talk rationally to the man.A couple seconds later, when the man turned the corner, he was running at full speed and looked very mad. At this, I turned around and ran as fast as I could home.

I got roughly to the driveway before the man caught up to me and picked me up. And just then my front door burst open. Turns out my sister had run past the house and then ran back and into the basement saying “Daddy, a man’s got Patrick!”

At that point, I had never seen my father run before, as his leg was bad due to injuries from the war.

He looked madder than the man who was holding me. Unsure of what to do, that man dropped me to the ground. My father was shorter than the man. Yet he ran up, lifted the man up with one hand and raised his right.

“Mike! Don’t do it. You’ll kill the man”, my mother screamed out the window, “He’s a neighbor! He’s a neighbor!”

My father put the man down and said, “I don’t care who you are. You don’t touch my family”.

That morning I got a spanking in the basement which surprised me, I’ll say.*

Later, I asked my Dad, “Gee Dad, were you really about to punch that man?”

“Of course”, he replied, “Family is different.”


*My father added a comment:

Only factual error was that I had got the spanking the morning of the incident, not the next morning.

That’s was what surprised me most, and also made me realize that family was different/special – I had thought that my Dad was mad at me and maybe didn’t love me (because I was a “bad boy”).  But, when outside trouble came – he was clearly my Dad, on my side, and ready to do battle on my behalf, regardless of internal discipline matters.”

Catching Bullets

At the reception after the funeral, my brother told everyone that there was a story that my grandfather had told him many times; the story of how he got shot.

At the time, Big Mike was with his fellow rangers traversing the land during the winter, from cover to cover. They’d go from one shell hole to the next. To be fair, they rotated the point man each time they got into a crater. The point man would jump up and run into the next crater. Just as he landed inside, a machine gun would open up with a burst or two. Then the rest of the men would jump up and run into the crater. Then it was Big Mike’s turn. He jumped up and started to run when a mortar shell landed inside the crater he just left, killing everyone inside. Instead of ducking into the crater, he looked back and an MG42 opened up and raked him with fire. He fell to the ground. He remained completely still for a time before he again attempted to move into the crater. The enemy MG opened up and again raked him with fire. He remained still for a time, and then upon realizing he had been hit in the head, took snow and packed it into his helmet before putting it back on his head. He knew he would die if he fell asleep so he resolved to stay awake and keep his eyes open, which he did…for close to eight hours. When fellow Americans pulled up to gather all the wounded, they left him lying there because he looked like he was dead. When they came back to gather the dead bodies, one guy walked up to him and was about to kick his dog-tags into his teeth when he finally blinked.

“This one’s alive.”

They finally got him into medical care and sent him back stateside. At Waldor Road Hospital*, he was not receiving good enough care to survive his injuries, until a general, who had known his father**, recognized him in passing and raised a fuss about it. Suddenly, Big Mike received all the care and medication he could get. If it weren’t for that general, he probably would not have made it.

*Names and places have been changed to protect the innocent.
**My grandfather’s dad was the provost at “Ft. Honeymeade” and therefore he got to know a lot of generals as a young kid.

Memento Mori

Just the other day, I attended the funeral of my late grandfather. He had served through the second world war and ate thirteen bullets for his troubles. One of the bullets went through his head and several went through one his legs, crippling him and any athletic ambitions after the war. Despite that, he outlived all of the doctors who told him he would die after the way and clung stubbornly to life until the ripe old age of 89.

Leading up the funeral, I had done a lot of thinking. People say that once your parents die, you begin to come to grips with your own mortality. With the death of my last grandfather, I’ve started to come to grips with the mortality of my parents, of whom I’ve grown quite fond of in the last couple decades. With my increasing ability to understand the world around me and communicate the ideas from my head to people, I’ve developed a healthy rapport and mutual respect with my parents that I didn’t have even four years ago.

In his memory, I’ll dedicate this week’s posts to him.



Random Thought: Relationships Are Reverse Chess

Think about playing chess. When you play the game, you try to outsmart your opponent to checkmate his king. As you get better at playing the game, you learn to think several moves ahead. As you start to get to good at playing the game, you start to think ten or more moves ahead.

With relationships, every day you deal with the relationship, you’re playing a game of reverse chess. You play according to how the relationship is today, and how it was three hours, three days, three weeks, or three months ago. Women, with their masterful memories, lodging exact dates of arguments, what you said verbatim, and other otherwise innocuous actions play the game this way. This is why I think guys are surprised when relationships fail – they fail to think far enough in the past and fail to accurately identify fault lines in the relationship.

Players who find themselves surprised may accurate identify fault lines, but find themselves being outclassed in the ‘reverse chess match’ if they don’t deal with them right away.


The Founding Fathers Are My Heroes

Not much of interest is known about the founding Fathers of America. Even less is taught in schools. Yet, every once a blue moon, something comes out. Yes. Sometimes on yahoo. Today I point out to you the fascinating drinking habits of the founding Fathers. Our highlight will be the drinking habits of one Luther Martin:

Luther Martin

Of the Maryland lawyer who refused to sign the Declaration of Independence on the grounds that it insufficiently respected states rights, historian Lawrence Goldstone wrote: “No one, perhaps in the whole of American history, could drink with Luther Martin.” The “heaviest drinker of that period of heavy drinking men” would excuse his habit with quips like “In the heat of the summer, my health requires that I should drink in abundance to supply the amazing waste from perspiration.” The brilliant Martin was high-functioning enough to get away with it, though sometimes he had to get creative: once when representing a Quaker in court he committed to “not drink a drop,” so instead poured 90-proof brandy over bread, ate it with a fork and knife, and then proceeded to win.

Enjoy the rest of that article responsibly, please.


What is she looking at?

A post for the younger fellows and close to completely inexperienced with girls crowd.

For the longest time, I was not really sure when a girl wanted to kiss me. If you’ll recall, this inability to read women manifested in quite a memorable lesson.

About three years ago, I took a girl to what’s called Midwinter Formal, a special dance. She was a friend of a friend, red headed, tall, and not too bad looking up close. When she came to the dance, she cleaned up well and had a nicer figure than her Facebook photos suggested.

After dancing the night away, playing the meet, fuck, kill game (and constantly picking people I knew she’d say she kill), I could tell she was having a good time. We got to slow dancing. I took a few liberties with my hand placement without being too brazen. It got the point where I’d notice her staring in my eyes and not moving her head when my face was closer to hers. Eventually, I moved in and she closed the rest of the distance resulting in a memorable night whereby my dog tags jingling in the dark of night alerted my 6 roommates that my was not quite over.

The lesson didn’t hit me until I asked my virgin, ginger roommate how his night went.

Me: Did you have a good time?

Him: Why yes, I did.

Me: Did you kiss her?

Him: No.

Me: Why not?

Him: It was not the right time. She wasn’t in the right place for it right then.

Me: Did you ever have a moment where she was looking in your eyes and you found yourself thinking, “What in the world is she looking at?”

Him: Yes.

Me: That’s when you should have kissed her.

If a girl wants to kiss you, you’ll know by how she does not recoil to your touch and doesn’t make much effort to move her head around when you move in and out of close proximity of her face. She’ll start to look in your eyes with a longing gaze that you may not recognize until you kiss a few more girls.

If you ever catch yourself wondering what she’s looking at, stop thinking about it and kiss her.


Police State Watch: 3,400 News Regulations

Whitewraithe posts about the 3,400 new regulations Obama passed right before Thanksgiving, while the nation was focused on Ferguson.

Vatic Note: You can bet these regulations are not for our benefit, that is for sure. One of the most effective protests is “non compliance”.  It has worked many times across the globe and is still being used today.   Pass thousands of regulations, but what good are they if not a single person follows them?  They are expensive and useless and why????  BECAUSE CURRENT LAW AND REGULATIONS ARE NOT ENFORCED except against the 99%.